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  1. Data Privacy Day: Data Privacy Enforcement Changes Impacting Businesses in 2024

    Legal experts detail changes to data privacy enforcement globally this year, and how this will impact businesses

    1. Photo of Robert Barton

      Robert Barton

      Associate, Freshfields

    2. Photo of Timothy Howard

      Timothy Howard

      Partner and US Head of Data Security, Freshfields

  2. Data Privacy Week: Can Businesses Navigate the PII Labyrinth in the Age of Cyber Threats?

    With stricter regulations and evolving threats, organizations must re-evaluate how they collect, store, and manage customer data

    1. Photo of Petra Tesch

      Petra Tesch

      Chief Information Officer, Vizrt

  3. Data Privacy Week: Navigating Data Privacy in the Age of AI

    Lawyers from Hanson Bridgett say there must be a commitment to responsible AI practices to navigate the changing data regulation landscape

    1. Photo of Jenny  Dao

      Jenny Dao

      Associate, Hanson Bridgett

    2. Photo of Batya Forsyth

      Batya Forsyth

      Partner, Hanson Bridgett

    3. Photo of Rob McFarlane

      Rob McFarlane

      Partner, Hanson Bridgett

  4. Data Privacy Week: Will the US Adopt a Federal Data Privacy Law in 2024?

    Vishal Gupta asks whether the US will take meaningful steps towards data privacy legislation this year

    1. Photo of Vishal Gupta

      Vishal Gupta

      CEO & Co-Founder, Seclore

  5. Data Privacy Week: AI Has Put Data Privacy Top of Mind

    Neil Thacker highlights how many data protection issues can be solved with AI

    1. Photo of Neil Thacker

      Neil Thacker

      EMEA and LATAM CISO, Netskope

  6. Election Security 2024: Biggest Cyber Threats and Practical Solutions

    With half the world voting in 2024, global tech giants warn of rising misinformation and disinformation threats to elections worldwide

    1. Photo of Dan Lohrmann

      Dan Lohrmann

      Field CISO, Presidio

  7. Hackathons Are Far More Than a Big Tech Indulgence

    Manish Kamra says hackathons remain a vital method for learning and innovation in cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Manish Kamra

      Manish Kamra

      Group Vice President Engineering, N-able

  8. It's Time to Take a Modern Approach to Password Management

    Raul Zeppenfeldt Molina says that the password breach incidents in 2023 show we must adopt a modern approach to authentication

    1. Photo of Raul Zeppenfeldt  Molina

      Raul Zeppenfeldt Molina

      Cybersecurity Expert, PA Consulting, PA Consulting

  9. The UK-US Data Bridge: How to Simplify Transfers Across the Atlantic

    Tim Hickman sets out practical considerations for organizations applying the new UK-US data bridge mechanism

    1. Photo of Tim Hickman

      Tim Hickman

      Partner, White & Case LLP

  10. Navigating Investment, Innovation, and Regulation in Cyber Next Year

    Julian Cunningham-Day says businesses must learn how to navigate an increasingly complex legal and risk landscape next year

    1. Photo of Julian Cunningham-Day

      Julian Cunningham-Day

      TMT Partner and Global Co-Head of Fintech, Linklaters

  11. Is Your Kettle Spying on You? The Reality of IoT Device Security

    Shahram Mossayebi says we must embrace quantum-proof security measures now to stay ahead in the race against criminals

    1. Photo of Shahram Mossayebi

      Shahram Mossayebi

      CEO and Co-Founder, Crypto Quantique

  12. How to Comply with Ever-Changing Data Protection Regulations

    Katie Simmonds sets out the main challenges organizations face in achieving compliance with data privacy regulations

    1. Photo of Katie  Simmonds

      Katie Simmonds

      Managing Associate, Womble Bond Dickinson

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