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  1. How to Prepare for NIS2

    Tom Venables sets out the areas organizations must focus on to ensure they are compliant with the NIS2 directive ahead of October 2024

    1. Photo of Tom Venables

      Tom Venables

      Enterprise Solutions Director, Turnkey Consulting

  2. Why Businesses Ignore Incident Response at Their Peril

    Phil Robinson explores the dangers around businesses lethargy towards incident response planning

    1. Photo of Phil Robinson

      Phil Robinson

      principal security consultant and founder, Prism Infosec

  3. The Gender Gap is Widening in Cyber – What Can We Do About it?

    Nominet's Kim Wiles discusses how the industry can boost female representation in cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Kim Wiles

      Kim Wiles

      Government Cyber Services Expert and Product Manager, Nominet

  4. It’s Time to Elevate the Humble SBOM

    Pieter Danhieux discusses how to ensure the SBOM tech stack is implemented and integrative

    1. Photo of Pieter Danhieux

      Pieter Danhieux

      CEO & co-founder, Secure Code Warrior

  5. Navigating the Future with Generative AI: Treating AI as a Trusted Colleague

    Organizations that treat AI like a colleague to help embed trust in its contribution are likely to benefit most from this tool

    1. Photo of Craig Civil

      Craig Civil

      Director of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, BSI Group

  6. Paving a Path to Security by Design Across the Industry

    SolarWinds CISO, Tim Brown, explains why security by design is a shared responsibility involving governments, businesses and individuals

    1. Photo of Tim Brown

      Tim Brown

      CISO and VP of Security, SolarWinds

  7. How to Securely Manage the Data of Vulnerable Groups

    Jessica Perkins sets out six best practices to safeguard the data of vulnerable groups

    1. Photo of Jessica  Perkins

      Jessica Perkins

      SaaS Marketing Consultant & Writer

  8. Why it’s Time to Kick the Password Habit

    The FIDO Alliance's Andrew Shikiar argues that we are at the tipping point of passkey adoption

    1. Photo of Andrew Shikiar

      Andrew Shikiar

      executive director & CMO, FIDO Alliance

  9. How to Ensure Cyber Resilience Across the Supply Chain

    Business leaders must take a proactive and multi-layered approach to cybersecurity to avoid and defend against the risks of supply chain cyber-attacks

    1. Photo of Apu Pavithran

      Apu Pavithran

      CEO and Founder, Hexnode

  10. Does the White House’s National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy Go Far Enough?

    Mike Britton argues that the new strategy is welcome, but could go further

    1. Photo of Mike Britton

      Mike Britton

      CISO, Abnormal Security

  11. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Software Development

    Jamie Boote warns developers, architects and QA testers to remain vigilant over the use of AI in software development

    1. Photo of Jamie Boote

      Jamie Boote

      associate principal consultant, Synopsys

  12. HowTo: Challenge Deepfake Fraud

    Alisdair Faulkner says businesses on the front line against deepfakes need to start planning now if they want to avoid a surge in fraud losses

    1. Photo of Alisdair Faulkner

      Alisdair Faulkner

      founder and CEO, Darwinium

  13. Mythbusting Through the AI Noise in Cyber: What You Need to Know

    Matt Ellison urges organizations to avoid marketing-led decisions when considering adopting AI-based security solutions

    1. Photo of Matt Ellison

      Matt Ellison

      director, sales engineering, EMEA, Corelight

  14. State of the Nation: Exploring the UK Cyber Landscape

    Deryck Mitchelson says the UK is falling behind other countries when it comes to building resilience to cyber-attacks

    1. Photo of Deryck Mitchelson

      Deryck Mitchelson

      Field CISO EMEA, Check Point Software Technologies

  15. How to Create a Culture of Incident Reporting

    Perry Carpenter says that building a culture of incident reporting requires the commitment of leadership and other stakeholders

    1. Photo of Perry Carpenter

      Perry Carpenter

      Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer, KnowBe4

  16. Cyber Resilience Act: EU Regulators Must Strike the Right Balance to Avoid Open Source Chilling Effect

    Carsten Rhod Gregersen argues that the EU must engage with developers to ensure the proposed legislation doesn't unintentionally impede their work

    1. Photo of Carsten Rhod Gregersen

      Carsten Rhod Gregersen

      CEO and Founder, Nabto

  17. A Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call: It's Time to Take a Fresh Stance

    The explosion of eCommerce has created a new landscape for cybersecurity, with businesses of all sizes now at risk of data breaches

    1. Photo of Nikki Webb

      Nikki Webb

      Global Channel Manager, Custodian 360

  18. Four Cybersecurity Roles for CFOs

    Cameron Over discusses how CFOs and extend their strengths to the field of cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Cameron Over

      Cameron Over

      partner and cybersecurity lead, CrossCountry Consulting

  19. How to Tackle Deepfakes and Manipulation

    Jessica Perkins sets out steps individuals can take to combat the risks posed by deepfakes

    1. Photo of Jessica  Perkins

      Jessica Perkins

      SaaS Marketing Consultant & Writer

  20. Cybersecurity Compliance Confidence: The New Competitive Advantage for Enterprises

    Igor Volovich says its time for a paradigm shift in compliance strategies

    1. Photo of Igor Volovich

      Igor Volovich

      VP of Compliance Strategy, Qmulos

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