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  1. Mayday, Mayday our Network is Going Down

    How cybersecurity can learn lessons from aviation’s response to serious incidents

    1. Photo of Lisa Forte

      Lisa Forte

      Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security

  2. The Real Threats and Opportunities of ChatGPT

    There's been a lack of focus on the huge security benefits of ChatGPT, says Cequence's Jason Kent

    1. Photo of Jason Kent

      Jason Kent

      Hacker In Residence, Cequence Security

  3. Why European Space Cybersecurity Matters

    We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a secure ecosystem to protect the critical space sector, says CYSAT's Mathieu Bailly

    1. Photo of Mathieu Bailly

      Mathieu Bailly

      VP Space, Cysec; Director of CYSAT

  4. Pulling Back the Curtain to Address TikTok Security Concerns

    People are key to the success of any cybersecurity plan around TikTok, says ThreatBlockr's Pat McGarry

    1. Photo of Pat McGarry

      Pat McGarry

      CTO, ThreatBlockr

  5. HowTo: Protect Software by Understanding Your Environment

    Software is a big target for cyber-criminals, and organizations must understand their environment to secure it

    1. Photo of Girish Janardhanudu

      Girish Janardhanudu

      vice president, security consulting, Synopsys

  6. Data Security Best-Practice in a World of Evolving Risks and Regulations

    Organizations with a uniform approach to data management and access control can increase their security and compliance

    1. Photo of Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon

      Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon

      senior privacy counsel and legal engineer, Immuta

  7. How Website Tracking Technologies Are Transforming Risk Analysis Across Industries

    The potential for class action lawsuits and regulatory investigations is growing, meaning organizations must have conversations about tracking technology

    1. Photo of Lauren Winchester

      Lauren Winchester

      SVP of Risk + Response, Corvus Insurance

  8. #HowTo: Reduce Risk and Complexity in Cloud Networks

    John Moran discusses how security to move from inhibitor to enabler to organizations multi-cloud strategies

    1. Photo of John Moran

      John Moran

      Technical Director, Business Development, Tufin

  9. Why Security Pros Need to Escape the Cyber Bubble

    The cybersecurity community agrees on so much, but why do we still argue over the same things?

    1. Photo of Mike Thompson

      Mike Thompson

      Information Security Manager - Zen Internet

  10. The Anatomy of an Insider Threat

    People are an organization’s greatest insider threat risk, but they can also become an integral defense mechanism

    1. Photo of Tim De Sousa

      Tim De Sousa

      Senior Director, FTI Consulting

    2. Photo of Kevin Hughes

      Kevin Hughes

      Senior Director, FTI Consulting

  11. Cybersecurity in Space: Exploring Extra-Terrestrial Vulnerabilities

    Satellites provide critical services, meaning cyber-attacks can cause widespread disruption

    1. Photo of Douglas McKee

      Douglas McKee

      principal engineer & director of vulnerability research, Trellix

  12. #HowTo: Reduce Cyber Risks Amid Surging Threats

    Organizations must adopt new approaches to reduce cyber-risk amid an increasingly dangerous threat landscape

    1. Photo of Terry Olaes

      Terry Olaes

      senior technical director, Skybox Security

  13. The Rise of CCTV Hacks in an Evolving Cyber-Threat Landscape

    Camellia Chan discusses the rise of CCTV hacks and how to guard against these threats

    1. Photo of Camellia Chan

      Camellia Chan

      CEO and founder, X-PHY, a Flexxon brand

  14. Taking a Different Approach to Tackle the Cyber Skills Gap

    Cyber professionals continue to walk in search of higher pay and better working conditions, so what can the business do to improve retention?

    1. Photo of Jamal Elmellas

      Jamal Elmellas

      COO, Focus on Security

  15. #HowTo: Secure AI and its Software Supply Chains

    Dan Conn discusses what needs to be done to secure AI and its software supply chains

    1. Photo of Dan Conn

      Dan Conn

      Developer Advocate, Sonatype

  16. Make Secure-by-Design Possible at University and Beyond

    Amy Baker discusses how secure coding training can become integrated both in college and industry

    1. Photo of Amy Baker

      Amy Baker

      security education evangelist, Security Journey

  17. New State-Wide Privacy Laws Could Have Unintended Consequences for Consumers and Businesses

    Ev Kontsevoy argues the federal government will eventually need to step in for a lasting privacy solution

    1. Photo of Ev Kontsevoy

      Ev Kontsevoy

      CEO, Teleport

  18. Understanding Business Resilience: There’s More to it Than Meets the Eye

    Business resilience goes far beyond having watertight cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Chris Butler

      Chris Butler

      Managing Consultant, Business Resilience, Databarracks

  19. Data Management, it’s Good for Security and the Planet

    Data management is not just going to save you money, but it could also help save the planet

    1. Photo of Ian Thornton-Trump

      Ian Thornton-Trump

      CISO - Cyjax Ltd

  20. #HowTo: Become an Enabler for Change as a CISO

    CISOs must overcome time and resource challenges to become enablers of change within their organization

    1. Photo of Dr Darren Williams

      Dr Darren Williams

      ceo and founder, BlackFog

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