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  1. The Cybersecurity Hype Cycle of ChatGPT and Synthetic Media

    Many organizations will ultimately need a program to defend against this new class of threats

    1. Photo of Mike Price

      Mike Price

      CTO, ZeroFOX

  2. #HowTo: Accelerate Detection and Response in the Cloud

    Enriching network traffic data can make SecOps analysts more effective

    1. Photo of Stan Kiefer

      Stan Kiefer

      security researcher, Corelight

  3. Should we Make Ransomware Payments Illegal?

    With Australia contemplating a ban on ransomware payments, Will Dixon questions whether this will be a wise move

    1. Photo of Will Dixon

      Will Dixon

      global head of the Academy and Community, ISTARI

  4. Why Organizations Should Not Rely on the New EU US Privacy Framework in the Long-Term

    Roberts & Obradovic Law Group discuss the risks of relying on the new EU US Privacy Framework for data transfers

    1. The Roberts & Obradovic Team

      Roberts * Obradovic

  5. Cybersecurity Burnout – Human vs Machine

    Current ways of working in cybersecurity have become outdated and unsustainable, creating a volatile operational cocktail

    1. Photo of Brian Martin

      Brian Martin

      head of product, strategy and innovation, Integrity360

  6. #HowTo: Update Software Securely

    David Higgins from CyberArk highlights five best practices to follow when updating software as part of a wider defense-in-depth strategy

    1. Photo of David Higgins

      David Higgins

      senior director, field technology office, CyberArk

  7. CISA’s Recognition of Security Control Validation is a Major Milestone

    CISA recently issued an alert advising organizations to validate security control effectiveness

    1. Photo of Dr Suleyman Ozarslan

      Dr Suleyman Ozarslan

      Co-founder, Picus Security

  8. Will CMMC 2.0 Prove a Help or Hindrance to Defense Contractors?

    The US federal government has created a simplified and more flexible version of the CMMC model, but will it have the desired impact in reality?

    1. Photo of Matthew  Hodson

      Matthew Hodson

      CIO, Valeo Networks

  9. Why Keeping Your Gaming Console Secure Should be a Priority in 2023

    With gaming cyber threats on the rise, Jasson Casey, sets out steps gamers can take to improve their online security

    1. Photo of Jasson Casey

      Jasson Casey

      chief technology officer, Beyond Identity

  10. #HowTo: Maximize Security ROI Amid an Economic Downturn

    By incorporating automation, security teams can demonstrate program value to leadership, reduce costs and bring transformational change to the business

    1. Photo of Cody Cornell

      Cody Cornell

      chief strategy officer, Swimlane

  11. Schools Out for Ransom: Education Under Attack

    Cyberis' Matt Lorentzen details the unique cybersecurity challenges facing the education sector

    1. Photo of Matt  Lorentzen

      Matt Lorentzen

      Principal Consultant, Cyberis

  12. SMBs Should Increase Cybersecurity Investment Despite the Economy

    Cyber-criminals see a recession as an opportunity to attack companies at their weakest, meaning SMBs can't afford to reduce investment in security

    1. Photo of Dror Liwer

      Dror Liwer

      co-founder, Coro

  13. The Security Challenge of Open Source Software

    A more collaborative approach to security is needed to ensure open source is secure in the future

    1. Photo of Amanda  Brock

      Amanda Brock

      CEO, OpenUK

  14. #HowTo: Protect Healthcare Providers' Data

    Pharma companies must offer robust data security and privacy in their marketing practices today

    1. Photo of Michelle Teuscher

      Michelle Teuscher

      life sciences industry principal, Treasure Data

  15. Is Insurance the Solution to, or the Enabler of, Ransomware?

    The data held by insurance companies can improve organizations' defenses against ransomware attacks

    1. Photo of Martin Lee

      Martin Lee

      technical lead of security research, Cisco Talos

  16. Taking the Attacker View to Protect the Growing Attack Surface

    The preventive and response strategy of security teams is in dire need of revaluation in the post-pandemic threat landscape

    1. Photo of Gurucharan Raghunathan

      Gurucharan Raghunathan

      senior product manager, Microsoft

  17. Are we Losing the War Against Ransomware?

    Changing approaches to ransomware, such as RaaS and the development of new tools, are making this vector more dangerous to organizations

    1. Photo of Tim Wallen

      Tim Wallen

      regional director, UKI & BeNeLux, Logpoint

  18. #HowTo: Fight Back Against Ransomware Attacks

    Alex Hinchliffe shares a 10-point plan for organizations to fight back against ransomware attacks

    1. Photo of Alex Hinchliffe

      Alex Hinchliffe

      threat intelligence analyst, Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks

  19. #DataPrivacyWeek: Data Privacy Breeds Trust – Here’s Why

    Russell Howe explains how respecting your customers data choices can have big commercial benefits

    1. Photo of Russell Howe

      Russell Howe

      VP EMEA, Ketch

  20. Software Developers Will Be Key to Security in 2023

    Peter Danhieux outlines how organizations can enhance security in the software development process

    1. Photo of Pieter Danhieux

      Pieter Danhieux

      CEO & co-founder, Secure Code Warrior

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