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  1. Cyber Warfare is Upon Us: Why the Next Generation of ‘War Games’ so Important

    Modern businesses are increasingly used as pawns in cyber battles between nation-states and affiliated groups

    1. Photo of Avishai Avivi

      Avishai Avivi

      CISO, SafeBreach

  2. #HowTo: Improve Your Company’s Cybersecurity Training

    With human error responsible for 95% of cybersecurity breaches, it's crucial that companies enhance their cyber training programs

    1. Photo of Chrystal Taylor

      Chrystal Taylor

      Head Geek™, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds

  3. 5 Reasons Why Cyber Matters for CFOs

    There is a growing imperative for CFOs and OCFO teams to increase their cyber acumen and work closer with CISOs

    1. Photo of Cameron Over

      Cameron Over

      partner and cybersecurity lead, CrossCountry Consulting

  4. Over a Year of Log4j Lingering: Why We Need to Stop Viewing High-Severity Breaches as Anomalies

    Steven Stone explains why we won't see the back of vulnerabilities like Log4j for some time

    1. Photo of Steven Stone

      Steven Stone

      head of Rubrik Zero Labs, Rubrik

  5. Why Cyber Mindfulness is the Future of Cybersecurity

    Yvonne Eskenzi discusses how mindfulness can reduce the risk of stress and burnout in cybersecurity professionals

    1. Photo of Yvonne Eskenzi

      Yvonne Eskenzi

      co-founder, The Zensory

  6. #HowTo: Create an Effective Red Team

    Red teaming is now a common element of cybersecurity, but organization must ensure the teams they work with meet certain requirements

    1. Photo of Kenny On

      Kenny On

      cyber security specialist, CYE

  7. Regulations for SBOMs are Useless if You Cannot Take Action

    SBOMs must be actionable and enforceable to have a significant impact in improving software security

    1. Photo of Moshe Bar

      Moshe Bar

      co-founder and CEO, Codenotary

  8. QR Codes: A Growing Vulnerability to Cybercrimes

    NCC's Rick Crandall discusses how cyber-criminals are leveraging QR codes to launch attacks and advice for consumers to avoid becoming victims

    1. Photo of Rick Crandall

      Rick Crandall

      chairman, cyber committee, National Cybersecurity Center (NCC)

  9. The Race Against Quantum: It’s Not Too Late to be the Tortoise that Beat the Hare

    The race to defend against cyber threats brought on by quantum computing is on, and Jon France, CISO of (ISC)2, says the cyber industry must catch up

    1. Photo of Jon France

      Jon France

      CISO, ISC2

  10. #HowTo: Fight the Use of Deepfakes in ID Theft

    The ability to tell fake content from reality and how this applies to our online identities is a growing challenge amid the rise of deepfakes

    1. Photo of Victor Fredung

      Victor Fredung

      CEO, Shufti Pro

  11. #IWD2023: Learning Lessons to Boost Female Representation in Cybersecurity

    Ahead of this year's International Women’s Day, Elizabeth Barr considers women’s status within cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Elizabeth Barr

      Elizabeth Barr

      head of the Cisco Networking Academy in the UK & Ireland, Cisco

  12. What the ADPPA Could Mean for Mid-Market Businesses and Startups

    With the ADPPA legislation focusing on AI algorithms as well as data governance, it is vital businesses are prepared

    1. Photo of Mike O'Malley

      Mike O'Malley

      SVP of strategy, SenecaGlobal

  13. The Cybersecurity Hype Cycle of ChatGPT and Synthetic Media

    Many organizations will ultimately need a program to defend against this new class of threats

    1. Photo of Mike Price

      Mike Price

      CTO, ZeroFOX

  14. #HowTo: Accelerate Detection and Response in the Cloud

    Enriching network traffic data can make SecOps analysts more effective

    1. Photo of Stan Kiefer

      Stan Kiefer

      security researcher, Corelight

  15. Should we Make Ransomware Payments Illegal?

    With Australia contemplating a ban on ransomware payments, Will Dixon questions whether this will be a wise move

    1. Photo of Will Dixon

      Will Dixon

      global head of the Academy and Community, ISTARI

  16. Why Organizations Should Not Rely on the New EU US Privacy Framework in the Long-Term

    Roberts & Obradovic Law Group discuss the risks of relying on the new EU US Privacy Framework for data transfers

    1. The Roberts & Obradovic Team

      Roberts * Obradovic

  17. Cybersecurity Burnout – Human vs Machine

    Current ways of working in cybersecurity have become outdated and unsustainable, creating a volatile operational cocktail

    1. Photo of Brian Martin

      Brian Martin

      head of product, strategy and innovation, Integrity360

  18. #HowTo: Update Software Securely

    David Higgins from CyberArk highlights five best practices to follow when updating software as part of a wider defense-in-depth strategy

    1. Photo of David Higgins

      David Higgins

      senior director, field technology office, CyberArk

  19. CISA’s Recognition of Security Control Validation is a Major Milestone

    CISA recently issued an alert advising organizations to validate security control effectiveness

    1. Photo of Dr Suleyman Ozarslan

      Dr Suleyman Ozarslan

      Co-founder, Picus Security

  20. Will CMMC 2.0 Prove a Help or Hindrance to Defense Contractors?

    The US federal government has created a simplified and more flexible version of the CMMC model, but will it have the desired impact in reality?

    1. Photo of Matthew  Hodson

      Matthew Hodson

      CIO, Valeo Networks

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