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  1. Understanding the Role of CISOs, CTOs and CIOs in Cybersecurity

    The roles of security leaders have undergone drastic changes in recent years

    1. Photo of Jessica  Perkins

      Jessica Perkins

      SaaS Marketing Consultant & Writer

  2. Don’t Insure Against Cyber-Risk, Protect Against It

    BSI's Mark Brown argues that Lloyd's decision to exclude systemic cyber risk from coverage offers an opportunity for organizations to become more resilient

    1. Photo of Mark Brown

      Mark Brown

      global managing director, BSI Group

  3. #HowTo: Demand More from MSSPs

    Richard Hollis suggests 10 questions organizations should ask their MSSPs

    1. Photo of Richard Hollis

      Richard Hollis

      CEO, Risk Crew

  4. Mother’s Day Scams: Targeted Attacks on the Rise

    Raj Dasgupta highlights scams for Americans to look out for while purchasing Mother's Day gifts

    1. Photo of Raj Dasgupta

      Raj Dasgupta

      senior director, global advisory, BioCatch

  5. The Evolving Nature of Cybersecurity Careers: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

    EC Council's Jay Bavisi outlines how the opportunities and skillsets are evolving in cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Jay  Bavisi

      Jay Bavisi

      CEO & President, EC-Council

  6. What Financial Executives Need to Know and Ask About Cybersecurity

    Cameron Over highlights how cybersecurity can be demystified for CFOs

    1. Photo of Cameron Over

      Cameron Over

      partner and cybersecurity lead, CrossCountry Consulting

  7. #HowTo: Mitigate Burnout for Cybersecurity Staff

    Julien Soriano explains why minimizing burnout in cyber professionals is so crucial to organizations' security

  8. A Decade On – What’s Happened to Crowdsourced Security?

    Alex Haynes reflects the impact of crowdsourced security on the cyber industry so far

    1. Photo of Alex Haynes

      Alex Haynes

      CISO, IBS Software

  9. Mayday, Mayday our Network is Going Down

    How cybersecurity can learn lessons from aviation’s response to serious incidents

    1. Photo of Lisa Forte

      Lisa Forte

      Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security

  10. The Real Threats and Opportunities of ChatGPT

    There's been a lack of focus on the huge security benefits of ChatGPT, says Cequence's Jason Kent

    1. Photo of Jason Kent

      Jason Kent

      Hacker In Residence, Cequence Security

  11. Why European Space Cybersecurity Matters

    We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a secure ecosystem to protect the critical space sector, says CYSAT's Mathieu Bailly

    1. Photo of Mathieu Bailly

      Mathieu Bailly

      VP Space, Cysec; Director of CYSAT

  12. Pulling Back the Curtain to Address TikTok Security Concerns

    People are key to the success of any cybersecurity plan around TikTok, says ThreatBlockr's Pat McGarry

    1. Photo of Pat McGarry

      Pat McGarry

      CTO, ThreatBlockr

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