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  1. #HowTo: Improve Your Cyber Resilience

    SecurityScorecard's Alexander Heid sets out four steps to improve your organization's cyber resilience

    1. Photo of Alexander Heid

      Alexander Heid

      chief research and development officer, SecurityScorecard

  2. Navigating AI Job Losses: Balancing Progress and Social Responsibility

    Nikki Webb explores the ethical implications of job losses due to AI, with a focus on the personal impact on individuals

    1. Photo of Nikki Webb

      Nikki Webb

      Global Channel Manager, Custodian 360

  3. ChatGPT: Not All Gloom and Doom for Security Professionals

    Chris Jacobs urges the security community to stop focusing solely on the risks of ChatGPT, and start looking at the potential gains

    1. Photo of Chris Jacob

      Chris Jacob

      global vice president, threat intelligence engineers, ThreatQuotient

  4. GDPR Fines: Are They Working?

    While regulators could increase fines for breaching the GDPR, ultimately, it will be the public that makes big tech take notice, says Alison Berryman

    1. Photo of Alison Berryman

      Alison Berryman

      senior managing lawyer, Biztech Lawyers

  5. Understanding Theories and Biases to Better Inform Security Decisions

    Keavy Murphy says security leaders should leverage theories that impact every business unit to demonstrate the impact of a data breach

    1. Photo of Keavy Murphy

      Keavy Murphy

      Senior Director of Security, Starburst Data

  6. ChatGPT Can Be Used to Create Malware: Here’s How

    The malicious use of ChatGPT’s API within malware can present significant challenges for security professionals

    1. Photo of Eran Shimony

      Eran Shimony

      Principal Cyber Researcher, CyberArk

  7. #HowTo: Improve Your Website Security

    David Strauss highlights areas to focus on to improve security approaches in WebOps

    1. Photo of David Strauss

      David Strauss

      CTO and co-founder, Pantheon

  8. Why Trust and Evidence Are the New Frontiers of Open-Source Risk

    Brian Dye says we must open our eyes to the risks of open-source software without limiting its huge business benefits

    1. Photo of Brian Dye

      Brian Dye

      CEO, Corelight

  9. Understanding the Role of CISOs, CTOs and CIOs in Cybersecurity

    The roles of security leaders have undergone drastic changes in recent years

    1. Photo of Jessica  Perkins

      Jessica Perkins

      SaaS Marketing Consultant & Writer

  10. Don’t Insure Against Cyber-Risk, Protect Against It

    BSI's Mark Brown argues that Lloyd's decision to exclude systemic cyber risk from coverage offers an opportunity for organizations to become more resilient

    1. Photo of Mark Brown

      Mark Brown

      global managing director, BSI Group

  11. #HowTo: Demand More from MSSPs

    Richard Hollis suggests 10 questions organizations should ask their MSSPs

    1. Photo of Richard Hollis

      Richard Hollis

      CEO, Risk Crew

  12. Mother’s Day Scams: Targeted Attacks on the Rise

    Raj Dasgupta highlights scams for Americans to look out for while purchasing Mother's Day gifts

    1. Photo of Raj Dasgupta

      Raj Dasgupta

      senior director, global advisory, BioCatch

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