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  1. Four Data Security Challenges Set to Impact Organizations in the Coming Years

    Steve Durbin sets out how organizations can prepare for significant security risks implicit with data

    1. Photo of Steve Durbin

      Steve Durbin

      CEO, Information Security Forum

  2. No, Nobody’s Going to Steal Your Password While You Type on a Zoom Call!

    Alex Haynes highlights the challenges of communicating cybersecurity to a largely non-technical mass audience

    1. Photo of Alex Haynes

      Alex Haynes

      CISO, IBS Software

  3. #NITAM: A Surge in Quiet and Loud Quitters Presents New Threats

    Elizabeth Harz explains why investing in an engaged workforce is a constructive way of reducing insider threats

    1. Photo of Elizabeth Harz

      Elizabeth Harz

      CEO, Veriato

  4. How Will the Cyber Pathways Impact Your Career?

    Jamal Elmellas discusses how the UK Cyber Security Council's Cyber Career Framework will impact the careers of cybersecurity professionals

    1. Photo of Jamal Elmellas

      Jamal Elmellas

      COO, Focus on Security

  5. Time to Demand IT Security by Design and Default

    Tony Sibley says organizations and governments should demand IT companies implement secure by design and default into their services

    1. Toby Sibley

      security and operational resilience expert, PA Consulting

  6. Unlocking the Data Transfer Dilemma: the EU-US Data Privacy Framework

    Lawyers from Wilson Sonsini discuss whether the EU-US Data Privacy Framework will stand up to legal scrutiny

    1. Photo of Cédric  Burton

      Cédric Burton

      Partner, Global Co-Chair Privacy and Cybersecurity, Wilson Sonsini

    2. Photo of Tom Evans

      Tom Evans

      Senior Associate, Privacy and Cybersecurity, Wilson Sonsini

  7. How to Prepare for NIS2

    Tom Venables sets out the areas organizations must focus on to ensure they are compliant with the NIS2 directive ahead of October 2024

    1. Photo of Tom Venables

      Tom Venables

      Enterprise Solutions Director, Turnkey Consulting

  8. Why Businesses Ignore Incident Response at Their Peril

    Phil Robinson explores the dangers around businesses lethargy towards incident response planning

    1. Photo of Phil Robinson

      Phil Robinson

      principal security consultant and founder, Prism Infosec

  9. The Gender Gap is Widening in Cyber – What Can We Do About it?

    Nominet's Kim Wiles discusses how the industry can boost female representation in cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Kim Wiles

      Kim Wiles

      Government Cyber Services Expert and Product Manager, Nominet

  10. It’s Time to Elevate the Humble SBOM

    Pieter Danhieux discusses how to ensure the SBOM tech stack is implemented and integrative

    1. Photo of Pieter Danhieux

      Pieter Danhieux

      CEO & co-founder, Secure Code Warrior

  11. Navigating the Future with Generative AI: Treating AI as a Trusted Colleague

    Organizations that treat AI like a colleague to help embed trust in its contribution are likely to benefit most from this tool

    1. Photo of Craig Civil

      Craig Civil

      Director of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, BSI Group

  12. Paving a Path to Security by Design Across the Industry

    SolarWinds CISO, Tim Brown, explains why security by design is a shared responsibility involving governments, businesses and individuals

    1. Photo of Tim Brown

      Tim Brown

      CISO and VP of Security, SolarWinds

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