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  1. Protection from Chip to Cloud: Tackling Emerging Security Risks in the Age of AI

    Microsoft's Alan Slothower highlights the growing threat to firmware security from generative AI

    1. Photo of Alan Slothower

      Alan Slothower

      Head of Surface Commercial UK, Microsoft

  2. Why Enterprises and Governments Must Prepare for Q-Day Now

    Quantum computers are here and in use - governments and enterprises must protect themselves against the risks

    1. Photo of Chris Johnson

      Chris Johnson

      Senior Vice President & Global Head of Enterprise, Nokia

  3. Forcing Security Expertise on Boards is Not the Answer, Here's What Is

    CISOs should be given a voice at the board table to communicate cybersecurity risks and obtain buy-in for remediation

    1. Photo of Jason Rebholz

      Jason Rebholz

      CISO, Corvus Insurance

  4. #CyberMonth: Strengthening Cybersecurity Resilience by Going Beyond Blame

    Steve Forbes says human intelligence will be indispensable in the battle against AI-based phishing attacks

    1. Photo of Steve Forbes

      Steve Forbes

      government cyber security expert, Nominet

  5. 3 Things CISOs Should Be Doing This Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Beyond

    Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a pivotal time to assess your enterprise's cybersecurity posture beyond the basics of multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, and up-to-date software

    1. Photo of Michael Armer

      Michael Armer

      CISO, RingCentral

  6. Preserving Digital Trust in an Era of Rapidly Evolving Threats

    Linda Betz discusses actions the financial sector must take to prepare for emerging cyber threats

    1. Photo of Linda Betz

      Linda Betz

      Acting CISO, FS-ISAC

  7. Behind the Scenes: The Toll of Ineffective Security Tools on Analyst Burnout

    Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated cyberattacks, putting a strain on SOC teams. With limited resources and a growing attack surface, SOC teams are struggling to keep up with the relentless tide of cyber threats

    1. Photo of Mark Wojtasiak

      Mark Wojtasiak

      VP of Product Strategy, Vectra AI

  8. Responsible Cyber Operations: From Theory to Reality

    Nick Beecroft discusses how to create a doctrine for being a responsible cyber power

    1. Photo of Nick Beecroft

      Nick Beecroft

      International Cybersecurity Lead, BAE Systems

  9. Are Tabletop Exercises Still Relevant for Modern Cybersecurity?

    Dotan Nahum sets out how to make the most of tabletop exercises in 2023 and beyond

    1. Photo of Dotan Nahum

      Dotan Nahum

      Head of Developer-First Security, Check Point Software Technologies

  10. How the Rise of Deepfakes Will Impact the 2024 Presidential Elections

    Blair Cohen says it is time to harness AI’s power to minimize the impact deepfakes could have on the democratic process

    1. Photo of Blair Cohen

      Blair Cohen

      President & Founder, AuthenticID

  11. #CyberMonth: Why Boardrooms Need a Stronger CISO Influence

    Tony Buffomante discusses how to break the ice between cyber experts and board members

    1. Photo of Tony Buffomante

      Tony Buffomante

      global head of cybersecurity and risk services, Wipro

  12. Challenging Old Ideas: The Ongoing Need to Empower Women in Tech

    Cloudflare's Jen Taylor sets out how to break down barriers that prevent women from entering the tech workforce

    1. Photo of Jen Taylor

      Jen Taylor

      chief product officer, Cloudflare

  13. #CyberMonth: Why MFA Is Not the Panacea the Industry Is Touting it to Be

    Stu Sjouwerman urges organizations to pick a phishing-resistant MFA solution

    1. Photo of Stu Sjouwerman

      Stu Sjouwerman

      Founder and CEO, KnowBe4

  14. #CyberMonth: Six Steps to Build a Positive Security Culture

    Fred Kwong says effective security culture requires commitment from the top down

    1. Photo of Fred Kwong

      Fred Kwong

      VP, CISO, DeVry University

  15. How to Comply with API Security Requirements in PCI DSS Version 4.0

    Moss Adams experts set out five practical steps towards complying with API-related risks in the updated PCI-DSS standards

    1. Photo of Corey Ball

      Corey Ball

      chief hacking officer and senior manager, Moss Adams LLP

    2. Photo of Casey Wassom

      Casey Wassom

      cybersecurity senior manager, Moss Adams LLP

  16. Four Data Security Challenges Set to Impact Organizations in the Coming Years

    Steve Durbin sets out how organizations can prepare for significant security risks implicit with data

    1. Photo of Steve Durbin

      Steve Durbin

      CEO, Information Security Forum

  17. No, Nobody’s Going to Steal Your Password While You Type on a Zoom Call!

    Alex Haynes highlights the challenges of communicating cybersecurity to a largely non-technical mass audience

    1. Photo of Alex Haynes

      Alex Haynes

      CISO, IBS Software

  18. #NITAM: A Surge in Quiet and Loud Quitters Presents New Threats

    Elizabeth Harz explains why investing in an engaged workforce is a constructive way of reducing insider threats

    1. Photo of Elizabeth Harz

      Elizabeth Harz

      CEO, Veriato

  19. How Will the Cyber Pathways Impact Your Career?

    Jamal Elmellas discusses how the UK Cyber Security Council's Cyber Career Framework will impact the careers of cybersecurity professionals

    1. Photo of Jamal Elmellas

      Jamal Elmellas

      COO, Focus on Security

  20. Time to Demand IT Security by Design and Default

    Tony Sibley says organizations and governments should demand IT companies implement secure by design and default into their services

    1. Toby Sibley

      security and operational resilience expert, PA Consulting

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