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  1. #HowTo: Protect Your Business From Human Error-Related Cybersecurity Breaches

    Ben Herzberg highlights the key steps organizations must take to protect themselves from the vast number of breaches that happen due to human error

    1. Photo of Ben Herzberg

      Ben Herzberg

      chief scientist, Satori

  2. Security Breaches Are Inevitable, Not Illimitable

    Organizations that proactively prepare for a breach before its occurrence can execute successful damage control

    1. Photo of Andy Norton

      Andy Norton

      European Cyber Risk Officer, Armis

  3. How Vendor Complexity Increases the Costs of Cybersecurity

    Growing integration of security products is creating more complexities for security teams

    1. Photo of Mark Logan

      Mark Logan

      CEO, One Identity

  4. Let's Normalize 'Radical Transparency' Around Data Breaches

    Dr Niklas Helleman highlights the benefits of a total transparency approach to dealing with cyber-attacks

  5. #HowTo: Bolster Infrastructure as Code Security

    Mitigating code-level issues requires organizations to factor security into engineering processes

    1. Photo of Michael  Isbitski

      Michael Isbitski

      director of cybersecurity strategy

  6. Why Cybersecurity Learning and Development is a Lifeline During Economic Downturn

    The dual crisis of recession and a widening skills gap is not one that companies can hire their way out of

    1. Photo of Alexia Pedersen

      Alexia Pedersen

      VP of EMEA, O'Reilly

  7. Using a Risk-Based Approach to Cyber Recruitment

    Businesses should focus their recruitment strategies and concentrate on retaining their existing staff through career development programs

    1. Photo of Jamal Elmellas

      Jamal Elmellas

      COO, Focus on Security

  8. #HowTo: Collaborate Without Sharing Data

    Access to the right data should not be the limiting factor to finding solutions and accelerating innovation

    1. Photo of Robin Roehm

      Robin Roehm

      CEO and co-founder, Apheris

  9. How False Positives Burn Security Teams Out

    Vulnerability scanning is a crucial part of identifying application security weaknesses, but come with false positives

    1. Photo of Karl Gonzi

      Karl Gonzi

      general manager, Malta, Invicti Security

  10. Cyber Insurance: A Must Have, Not a Nice to Have

    Cyber insurance is becoming a requirement to demonstrate a business's preparedness in mitigating attacks

    1. Photo of Mark Warren

      Mark Warren

      product specialist, Osirium

  11. Weaponizing the Law in the Fight Against Cyber-Criminals

    The EU is working on two major pieces of cybersecurity legislation that organizations must be aware of

    1. Photo of Jakub Lewandowski

      Jakub Lewandowski

      global data governance officer, Commvault

  12. The Importance of Cyber Resilience in the Communications Sector

    Attacks on the communications sector represent one of the most severe cyber threats any nation can face

    1. Photo of Joseph Carson

      Joseph Carson

      Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO - Delinea

  13. #HowTo: Manage ‘Dark Data’ in Organizations

    Amid a backdrop of increasing data compliance regulations, organizations cannot turn a blind eye to lingering dark data

    1. Photo of Dan Neault

      Dan Neault

      SVP & general manager, data security, Imperva

  14. Why KPIs Are Critical to Effective Security

    Organizations can use KPIs to measure cybersecurity effectiveness and align it with the wider goals of the business

    1. Photo of Jason Hart

      Jason Hart

      CTO EMEA, Rapid7

  15. Cybersecurity is a Team Sport – Avoid the ‘Us and Them’ Culture

    A positive security culture needs to come from the top down, and involve everyone in the organization

    1. Photo of Darek Hahn

      Darek Hahn

      client experience operations director, Cerberus Sentinel

  16. #HowTo: Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Gap in the Banking Sector

    Providing cybersecurity training to existing employees can fill the security skills gap in banking

    1. Photo of Joost Heins

      Joost Heins

      vice president of global business insights, Randstad Sourceright

  17. Defending Against the Expanding as-a-Service Threat Landscape

    The growth of criminal as-a-service offerings will increase the threat volume and require new defensive strategies

    1. Photo of Derek Manky

      Derek Manky

      Chief Security Strategist & VP Global Threat Intelligence, FortiGuard Labs

  18. What Makes the FIFA World Cup a Prime Target for Cyber-Criminals?

    Sporting events like the FIFA world cups are a tempting target for DDoS attackers

    1. Photo of Richard Hummel

      Richard Hummel

      ASERT Threat Intelligence Lead at NETSCOUT

  19. Tackling the Scourge of Advertising Fraud

    Cybersecurity teams need to work in parallel with marketers to lessen the impact made by ad fraud

    1. Photo of Adam French

      Adam French

      regional vice president (EMEA), TrafficGuard

  20. #HowTo: Strengthen Supply Chain Security

    Eilon Elhadad identifies three key areas we should focus on to strengthen supply chain security

    1. Photo of Eilon Elhadad

      Eilon Elhadad

      senior director, supply chain security, Aqua Security

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