Photo of Petra Tesch

Petra Tesch

Chief Information Officer, Vizrt

direction of Vizrt’s information systems, technology, and use of data and analysis to accelerate innovation and digital transformation.  

In particular, Petra is hyperfocused on supporting Vizrt’s transition to software-as-a-service via its suite of marketing leading technologies, alongside ensuring security protocols to best protect Vizrt and its global customers. 

Prior to joining Vizrt, Petra was the CIO at Swedish system integrator Proact IT Group, for nearly eight years. Petra’s role at Vizrt is her third CIO seat, affirming her position as a profient IT leader with a deep desire to explore new technological developments and their transformative potential in IT and security.  

With a belief that her CIO role is not a “one person show”, Petra has a passion for curating high-performing teams that blend a mix of personalities, backgrounds and specific knowledge to build a collaborative and positive workplace culture. 

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