Infosecurity News

  1. CISA Unveils Healthcare Cybersecurity Guide

    The guide outlines mitigation strategies and best practices to counteract prevalent cyber-threats

  2. Infostealer Lumma Evolves With New Anti-Sandbox Method

    Outpost24 explained the technique relies on trigonometry to discern genuine human behavior

  3. Secretary Fined For Accessing Scores of Patient Records

    NHS worker broke strict rules governing the special category data

  4. Russia’s APT29 Targets Embassies With Ngrok and WinRAR Exploit

    Threat group may be looking for intel on Azerbaijan

  5. NCSC Announces New Standard For Indicators of Compromise

    Security agency authors first RFC document for IETF

  6. Black Friday: Scammers Exploit Luxury Brands to Lure Victims

    Check Point Research say these latest luxury brand scams are a wake-up call for shoppers to stay vigilant online

  7. FBI Lifts the Lid on Notorious Scattered Spider Group

    Security advisory details TTPs of prolific threat actors

  8. Royal Mail to Spend £10m on Ransomware Remediation

    Postal service was breached in January 2023

  9. British Library: Ransomware Recovery Could Take Months

    Famed institution warns of ongoing disruption

  10. CSA Launches First Zero Trust Certification

    The CCZT program incorporates foundational principles from leading sources such as CISA and NIST

  11. Cyber-Criminals Exploit Gaza Crisis With Fake Charity

    Attackers sought crypto donations of $100-$5000 using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum addresses

  12. Russian Hacking Group Sandworm Linked to Unprecedented Attack on Danish Critical Infrastructure

    A report described the coordinated attack, in which 22 critical infrastructure firms were targeted

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