Infosecurity News

  1. Pension Firms Report 4000% Surge in Breaches

    Financial services targeted remorselessly over past year

  2. Sophisticated APT Clusters Target Southeast Asia

    Unit 42 uncovered three separate threat actor clusters: Stately Taurus, Alloy Taurus and Gelsemium

  3. China-Linked EvilBamboo Targets Mobiles

    This extensive operation is directed at Tibetan, Uyghur and Taiwanese individuals and organizations

  4. Voting Equipment Giants Team Up For Security

    The move aims to combat the rampant spread of misinformation among American voters

  5. Web3 Platform Mixin Network Hit by $200m Crypto Hack

    The decentralized finance network has suspended deposits and withdrawals after what could be one of the biggest cyber-attacks on cryptocurrency projects

  6. BEC Scammer Pleads Guilty to Part in $6m Scheme

    Nigerian was extradited to the US from Canada

  7. Researchers Spot Novel “Deadglyph” Backdoor

    Malware is linked to UAE-backed spies

  8. Almost 900 US Schools Breached Via MOVEit

    National Student Clearinghouse reveals more details of incident

  9. CISA and NFL Collaborate to Secure Super Bowl LVIII

    Tabletop exercise assessed the cybersecurity response capabilities, plans and procedures for the event

  10. Over 700 Dark Web Ads Offer DDoS Attacks Via IoT in 2023

    Kaspersky said these services range from $20 per day to $10,000 a month

  11. Elusive Sandman APT Targets Telecom Giants With LuaJIT Toolkit

    SentinelLabs said the group’s tactics focus on stealthy lateral movements and minimal interactions

  12. #mWISE: Why Zero Days Are Set for Highest Year on Record

    Experts at the mWISE conference discussed who is behind the surge in zero-day exploits

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