Infosecurity News

  1. Threat Actor Claims Classified Five Eyes Data Theft

    Threat actor IntelBroker claims to have classified intelligence stolen from US government tech supplier Acuity

  2. Firms Must Work Harder to Guard Children’s Privacy, Says UK ICO

    Privacy regulator the ICO urges social media and video sharing firms to do more to protect children’s data

  3. Cyber Safety Review Board Report Slams Microsoft Security Failures in Government Email Breach

    A report has highlighted multiple security failings by Microsoft that allowed Chinese threat actors to access US government officials’ email accounts in the Summer of 2023

  4. Prudential Financial Notifies 36,000 Individuals of Data Breach

    The compromised data includes names or other identifying information in combination with driver’s license numbers

  5. Infostealers Prevalent in Retail Sector Cybercrime Trends

    The findings from Netskope also show a shift in the retail sector’s use of cloud applications

  6. UK and US to Build Common Approach on AI Safety

    The UK and the US have signed a partnership to coordinate the work of their respective AI Safety Institutes

  7. RDP Abuse Present in 90% of Ransomware Breaches

    Sophos reveals “unprecedented” levels of RDP compromise in ransomware attacks in 2023

  8. YouTube Video Game ‘Hacks’ Contain Malware Links

    Proofpoint has spotted a new infostealer campaign using malicious links in YouTube video descriptions

  9. Dataset of 73 Million AT&T Customers Linked to Dark Web Data Breach

    The telecommunications giant said that the published dataset comprises information from 2019 or earlier

  10. Researchers Report Sevenfold Increase in Data Theft Cases

    Kaspersky said cybercriminals harvested 50.9 login credentials per infected device in 2023

  11. Trusted Contributor Plants Sophisticated Backdoor in Critical Open-Source Library

    A backdoor in XZ Utils, a widely used file-compressing software in Linux systems, could have led to a critical supply chain attack had a Microsoft researcher not spotted it in time

  12. Indian Authorities Rescue Hundreds Trafficked For Cybercrime

    Hundreds of Indians forced into cybercrime by Cambodian gangs have been rescued

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