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  1. UK’s NCA Leads Major Cobalt Strike Takedown

    Global law enforcers have share intelligence leading to the takedown of hundreds of IP addresses hosting Cobalt Strike

  2. WordPress Plugins at Risk From Polyfill Library Compromise

    The attack exploits the domain, which was recently acquired by Funnull, a China-based entity

  3. Microsoft Uncovers Major Flaws in Rockwell PanelView Plus

    The vulnerabilities stem from manipulable custom classes in PanelView Plus

  4. Cyber Extortion Soars: SMBs Hit Four Times Harder

    Orange Cyberdefense’s latest Cy-Xplorer report shows a 77% rise in cyber extortion, with SMBs impacted 4.2 times more often than large enterprises

  5. Half of Employees Fear Punishment for Reporting Security Mistakes

    A ThinkCyber survey conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2024 found that half of employees are afraid of reporting security mistakes

  6. New RUSI Report Exposes Psychological Toll of Ransomware, Urges Action

    A new report reveals the hidden mental health toll of ransomware attacks on victims, urging a focus on well-being alongside data and system recovery

  7. APP Fraud Singled Out as Biggest Financial Crime Threat

    Payments professionals have highlighted authorized push payment (APP) fraud as the top threat facing businesses and consumers

  8. Dozens of Arrests Disrupt €2.5m Vishing Gang

    Police have arrested 54 suspected members of a vishing group who stole the life savings of scores of victims

  9. Mobile Political Spam Surges Threefold For 2024 Election

    Proofpoint highlighted how smishing, impersonation and spam are eroding trust in mobile messaging

  10. Chrome Update Will Block Entrust Certificates by November 2024

    The move follows a series of reported compliance failures and lack of progress in addressing publicly disclosed incidents

  11. Ransomware Attack Demands Reach a Staggering $5.2m in 2024

    Comparitech calculated that the average ransom demand was over $5.2m in the first six months of 2024, with 421 confirmed incidents during this period

  12. Health Tech Execs Get Jail Time For $1bn Fraud Scheme

    The former CEO and COO of a health startup will spend years in jail after conducting a large-scale fraud scheme

  13. Cisco Patches Zero-Day Bug Used by Chinese Velvet Ant Group

    Cisco has patched a zero-day vulnerability exploited by a Chinese APT group to compromise Nexus switches

  14. Meta’s ‘Pay or Consent’ Data Model Breaches EU Law

    The EU Commission said Meta’s pay or consent model means users cannot freely consent to their personal data being collected for advertising purposes

  15. Critical OpenSSH Flaw Enables Full System Compromise

    A newly discovered RCE vulnerability, which can lead to full system compromise, has put over 14 million OpenSSH server instances are potentially at risk, according to Qualys

  16. Australian Police Arrest Suspect in Fake Wi-Fi Scam Targeting Airport Passengers

    Evil twin Wi-Fi access points mimicked legitimate networks to capture personal data from unsuspecting victims who mistakenly connected to them

  17. Cyber-Insurance Premiums Decline as Firms Build Resilience

    Insurance broker Howden says premiums are falling as security best practice takes hold

  18. Over Six Million Hit by Ransomware Breach at Infosys McCamish Systems

    Outsourcer Infosys McCamish Systems has revealed millions of victims were impacted by a ransomware attack last year

  19. TeamViewer Cyber-Attack Attributed to Russian APT Midnight Blizzard

    Remote software provider TeamViewer has revealed it has been hit by a cyber-attack that it attributes to Russian state actor Midnight Blizzard

  20. Cyber Workforce Grows 15% at Large Organizations as Security is Prioritized

    From an average of one cybersecurity expert for 1285 employees in 2023, large organizations now have one for every 1086 employees, according to Wavestone

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