Infosecurity News

  1. RedLine Stealer Malware Deployed Via ScrubCrypt Evasion Tool

    The new ScrubCrypt obfuscation tool is designed to avoid antivirus protections

  2. Customers Scammed in Novel Social Engineering Campaign

    The sophisticated campaign has led to customers having their money stolen by cybercriminals

  3. Thousands of Dollar Tree Staff Hit By Supplier Breach

    Incident at Zeroed-In Technologies happened in August

  4. Okta Admits All Customer Support Users Impacted By Breach

    Exposure is limited to names and emails for most

  5. Black Basta Ransomware Group Makes $100m Since 2022

    Researchers identify scores of cryptocurrency payments

  6. GoTitan Botnet and PrCtrl RAT Exploit Apache Vulnerability

    Fortiguard Labs identified multiple threat actors leveraging CVE-2023-46604

  7. DeleFriend Weakness Puts Google Workspace Security at Risk

    Hunters’ Team Axon said the flaw could lead to the unauthorized access of emails in Gmail and more

  8. AI Boosts Malware Detection Rates by 70%

    New research has found that AI is significantly more accurate than traditional techniques at detecting malicious malware

  9. A Fifth of UK SMBs Can’t Spot Scams

    Many are failing UK Finance’s new fraud quiz

  10. Hackers Exploit Critical Vulnerability in ownCloud

    Zero-day bug could allow remote control of servers

  11. Google Fixes Sixth Chrome Zero-Day Bug of the Year

    Critical vulnerability is being exploited in the wild

  12. Undetected Android Trojan Expands Attack on Iranian Banks

    Zimperium’s latest findings include the identification of 245 new app variants

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