Infosecurity Magazine, Digital Edition, Q3, 2021, Volume 18, Issue 3

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Biden and Cybersecurity: A Sixth-Month Performance Review

The new US administration faces hard challenges on all fronts, left by an incumbent asleep at the wheel. Infosecurity looks at how President Biden has fared thus far in protecting America's interests in cyberspace.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T  in  S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y

Harassment has devastatingly become more endemic in the infosecurity industry, but Respect in Security aims to fetter that. Infosecurity meets with its founders to learn more.

Time to Reduce Reliance on CDN Providers?

Infosecurity looks at the recent widespread website outages caused by an issue at CDN provider Fastly and asks whether organizations should be reducing their reliance on CSPs and CDNs.

State of the Global Threat Landscape

Infosecurity analyzes 2021's top cyber trends and attacks worldwide.

Back to School: Why the Education Sector Must Learnt The Art of Good Cybersecurity

With schools, colleges and universities increasingly in the crosshairs of threat actors, Infosecurity asks experts how the education industry can better protect itself.

Do We Need to Have a Security Conversation About GPT-3?

Infosecurity explores the security and privacy issues surrounding an area of AI that is setting a marker in the tech world: Generative Pre-Training Transformer 3 (GPT-3).

Protecting Healthcare Data: The Challenges Posed by NHS Digital's GPDPR

There are many benefits of greater healthcare data sharing, but there are also potentially catastrophic privacy and security risks. Infosecurity investigates both the benefits and the concerns of NHS Digital's GPDPR.

Why the Future of Cybersecurity is AI

There's a legitimate danger from AI-weaponization, and the only effective solution is artificial intelligence, Benjamin David argues.

Zero Trust: Essential in the Modern World vs. Unrealistic and Too Expensive? 

Jordan Kelly says that zero trust is needed to counter increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats, but Callum Roxam believes this approach does not make sense for many organizations.

How to Respond to a Data Breach Effectively

Three security experts set out the key measures organizations should take in the 24 hours following a data breach.

Interview: Larry Whiteside

Larry Whiteside Jr. gives some straight-up advice to industry n00bies and tells us about a time he really upset his boss.

Interview: Rupesh Chokshi

Rupesh Chokshi is a self-declared "technologist at heart", and his tenure at AT&T is approaching a quarter of a century. Eleanor Dallaway spent some time getting to know the man who has made AT&T home.

Interview: Stuart Peck

Stuart Peck reveals his proudest achievement in the field of cyber and dreams up an "all-star" infosec project team.

Top Ten: Ransomware Payments

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