Infosecurity Magazine, Digital Edition, Q4, 2021, Volume 18, Issue 4

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Infosec Rock Stars: The Sham, The Myth, The Legend

The concept of an "infosec rock star" or industry celebrity isn't new, but social media has certainly thrown open the doors to auditions, allowing aspirations of notoriety to spread like a disease. Eleanor Dallaway unpacks the industry's obsession with fame.

Tales From the Meeting Room: Cyber's Sexism Challenge

Following a shocking case study exposing misogynistic behaviors in meetings, James Coker explores the prevalence of this issue in the cybersecurity industry and questions what can be done to address it?

Stamping Out CSAM With Machine Learning?

If the question is how to control harmful content, Davey Winter considers whether the answer is machine learning.

Using Intelligence to Fight Cybercrime

James Coker asks how law enforcement can use cyber-threat intelligence more effectively in their efforts to bring more cyber-criminals to justice.

The Impact of Emerging Technology on The Future of Cybersecurity

Benjamin David explores the potential future impact - both good and bad - of emerging technologies on cybersecurity.

Cryptojacking: What's New in the World of Resource Hijacking? 

Phil Muncaster discovers that a combination of surging crypto prices and the pandemic has given cyber-criminals a shot in the arm.

Defense in Depth? An Up-Close Look at the CMMC

The US Government recently introduced the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) mechanism to bolster the defense industrial bases' cybersecurity. Danny Bradbury looks at its impact so far and questions whether it needs to adapt.

End of the SOC As We Know It vs. A SOC That's Staying Put

Carsten Maple argues that tech advances will lead to the end of the current SOC, while Milad Aslaner counters that the SOC will become more relevant than ever.

How To Ensure Your Cybersecurity Keeps Pace with Advances in Tech

Three security experts discuss how businesses can prepare themselves for major changes in the tech landscape.

Interview: Ciaran Martin

Former head of cybersecurity at GCHQ, Ciaran Martin, hypothetically chooses a "dream team" of colleagues and reveals why he has a lifetime ban from Disneyland!

Interview: Ian Glover

As Ian Glover prepares for retirement, Eleanor Dallaway is treated to the tales of his impressive and colorful contributions to the industry.

Interview: Gemma Moore

Gemma Moore shares her journey to becoming one of the UK's most qualified penetration testers and details her biggest professional regret.

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