Infosecurity Magazine, Digital Edition, Q2, 2022, Volume 19, Issue 2

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Russia-Ukraine War: The Cyber Dimension 

James Coker investigates the cyber dimension in the Russia- Ukraine war and the implications for the global cyber landscape 

Digital Security by Design: A Government Strategy that Cannot Afford to Fail 

The UK government-backed Digital Security by Design (DSbD) initiative aims to secure underlying computer hardware, preventing most vulnerabilities from ever occurring. James Coker investigates how this ambitious plan works and whether it can have the desired impact 

The Future of Cybersecurity Certifications Crossroad 

Security practitioners are increasingly conflicted about the role that certifications play in their career development. Phil Muncaster finds out why 

The SOC of the Future 

Benjamin David investigates the different ways security experts can future-proof their security operation center 

Infosecurity Europe 

All you need to know ahead of Infosecurity Europe, including keynote speakers, conference program agendas, exhibitor lists and more 

Situation Critical: Assessing the US’ New Incident Reporting Legislation 

The recently passed Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act has spurred headlines. Danny Bradbury questions whether it has the substance needed to succeed 

Point-Counterpoint: Is Cyber Insurance Exacerbating the Ransomware Crisis? 

Alan Jenkins believes cyber insurance has heightened the threat of ransomware, whereas Ed Ventham argues that insurers are helping protect organizations by driving cyber preparedness 

Top 10 



  • Jake Moore: Eleanor Dallaway meets the cybersecurity industry’s Mr Happy at the beach to find out what is responsible for the uncharacteristically British joy that he exudes 
  • Geoff White: Investigative journalist Geoff White discusses his passion for cybersecurity, considers his dream team for an epic investigation and reveals a time when chasing cyber-villains went horribly wrong 
  • Misha Glenny: Author and journalist Misha Glenny would love to be Foreign Secretary, but for now, he’s happy eating Cadbury’s Daim chocolate and listening to The Archers 

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