Q3, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 3

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Content includes:

A Tale of Heartbleed

Heartbleed beats on - the diagnosis for the SSL bug that won't stop bleeding.

Beware of the Software Pirates

Does pirated software still carry the same security risks that we have always been warned about? Tom Brewster examines the current state of the problem…

Cybercrime and Punishment

We all know the fight against cybercrime is an uphill battle, as Kevin Townsend explains. In the end, he finds, the solution may be a change in both legal and social policies

Navigating the Potential Windows XP Apocalypse

To upgrade, or not to upgrade? It’s a question that each organization must grapple with. Yet, not all environments lend themselves to a move away from Windows XP. Wendy M. Grossman surveys the peril

Sizing Up the Tools of the Trade

The (ISC)² US Government Advisory Board Executive Writers Bureau (EWB)  looks to help CISOs and their counterparts identify cost-effective approaches amidst the soaring price of cybersecurity tools

Calculating Disclosure  

The Obama Administration recently released details on its decision-making process for publicly disclosing zero-day vulnerabilities. Drew Amorosi reports

Profile Interview

In San Francisco, Elsevier's David Cass met Eleanor Dallaway to talk privacy, compliance, and what it takes to be a successful CISO in 2014…