Addressing the Unique IT Security Risks Posed by the Virtual Data Center

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As noted by analysts such as Gartner, virtualization technology is becoming not only increasingly ubiquitous but also increasingly heterogeneous in nature as organizations deploy bare-metal hypervisors from vendors such as VMware and Citrix.

In parallel with this, organizations are also leveraging virtualization technology built into the latest UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems.

According to a recent report from Nemertes Research, 93 per cent of organizations are deploying server virtualization, and companies typically have virtualized 40 per cent of their application workload.

This growing ubiquity and the ability for business-critical guest systems to proliferate and seamlessly move - as well as migrate - across a data center can lead to a loss of control from a security and management perspective.

As a result, the need to secure these guest systems’ underlying hypervisors from insider and outsider threats cannot be ignored.

IT managers need unified, global control over their evolving physical and virtual data center to meet security and compliance requirements.

This webinar will:

  • Help you understand the unique security and management requirements organizations will encounter as they migrate from the physical to virtual data center
  • Provide key success factors for securing hypervisor platforms, guest operating systems and applications across these environments
  • Analyze the trade-offs that companies frequently face when balancing ease of administration against enhanced security
  • Describe the compliance-driven requirements for access controls, privilege management and auditing that apply to the various components of a virtualized infrastructure
  • Provide a best-practice roadmap for migrating to a virtual infrastructure that provides corporate IT security managers with the controls they need while enabling departmental system administrators to do their work efficiently

This webinar is for:

  • IT security and compliance executives who have global oversight and responsibility for corporate data centers
  • IT departmental and line-of-business managers who are currently managing or planning for a migration to a virtualized environment
  • IT system administrators and other IT personnel involved in the day-to-day administration of virtual hosts and the client applications running on them



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Infosecurity Magazine

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Director of Product Management, Centrify Corporati

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Chief Technology Officer at Emagined Security, an

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