Analysing the findings of the brand new Ponemon Institute study to understand the real cost of a UK data breach

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Symantec and the Ponemon Institute have joined forces to unveil the findings of the fourth annual study, UK Cost of a Data Breach. This in depth study - based on the actual data breach experiences of 38 UK companies from 13 different industry sectors, including the financial sector, government and telecommunications – highlights that the average data breach incident cost UK organisations £1.9 million or £71 per record, an increase of 13 percent on 2009, and 18 percent on 2008. The incident size ranged from 6,900 to 72,000 records, with the cost of each breach varying from £36,000 to £6.2 million.

Hostile attacks reign as the most expensive data breach for UK organisations. The 2010 study found that malicious or criminal attacks accounted for 29 percent of all data breaches, increasing from 22 percent over 2009. The expenses associated with a data breach range from detection, escalation, notification, and customer churn due to diminished trust.

Securing information clearly continues to challenge organisations at all levels, but the vast majority of these breaches are preventable through the implementation of policies and technologies. This webinar will help with understanding where your risks lie and how information practices can be integrated into business processes.

In 60 minutes, our panel of experts will...

  • Help you understand the nature of this modern day IT problem and assist you in both avoiding and remediating the issue
  • Explain about the issues that matter
  • Detail the strategies needed to prevent your organisation becoming just another data breach statistic

This webinar is for:

  • IT managers looking for the latest information on data breaches and their consequences
  • Security and business professionals who are responsible for protecting confidential and sensitive information
  • Managers seeking to stay ahead of the data security risk curve



CISSPs, SSCPs and ISACA members can receive 1 CPE credit for attending each webinar. You can earn the credit by simply specifying your number on the registration form and correctly answering 3 multiple choice polling questions about the program at the end of the event.




Steve Gold

Infosecurity Magazine

Photo of Larry Ponemon

Larry Ponemon

Chairman and Founder, Ponemon Institute

Brian Tokuyoshi

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Symantec

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