Defending Against the Next-Gen Attack Vector

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Gartner estimates that by 2017, 50% of network attacks will use SSL. Cybercriminals have figured out where every enterprise is most vulnerable and inept to respond – their keys and certificates. As a result, cybercriminals exploit the blind trust that every organization has in encryption keys and digital certificates, using them as an attack vector to infiltrate secure networks and exfiltrate data. 

According to Intel Security (McAfee), the volume of digitally signed malware more than tripled in 2013 when compared to the previous year. The challenge to every enterprise appears impossible; over half of all enterprises don’t know how many keys and certificates are in use, for example. More than 60% of organizations would take a day or more to correct CA trust relationships if attacked by digitally signed malware or respond to a compromised SSH key. 
When it comes to your enterprise security strategy, understanding how cybercriminals take advantage of keys and certificates and how to defend against them is critical. Forrester research suggests that “next-generation security solutions only address a portion of the threat (to keys and certificates).” Cybercriminals understand this, and take full advantage. 
In this webinar you will:
  • Gain insight into the current trust exploits being used by malicious actors
  • Examine some of the top threats and concerns that global 2000 organizations face today
  • Learn what steps to take to defend your organization from this exploding attack vector


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