Email Security in the Cloud – It’s Time for Some Answers!

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For organisations considering moving applications to the cloud, security is more often than not the greatest concern. Questions that are invariably asked include: Will my data be safe?  Where will it be stored?  How easily could I get it back if I needed to?  What sort of guarantees do I have that I’ll get the right levels of availability? 

Given how important corporate data is to businesses – with some 80% of intellectual property residing in email alone – it’s hardly surprising that there’s discomfort around these issues.
And the situation isn’t helped by the lack of any widely accepted standards around cloud security, compliance and governance, despite the best efforts of organisations such as the Cloud Security Alliance.
What’s needed is some straight talking, which is what you’ll get from this webinar.
Join us for an entertaining and thought-provoking webinar in which we’ll help to uncover the key concerns surrounding security strategies in the cloud, including:
  • Confidentiality: How best to control your data
  • Integrity: How to maintain chains-of-custody and admissibility of evidence
  • Availability: What Service Level Agreements to look for
  • Liability: Managing service provider and customer obligations
  • Jurisdiction : Location of data and trans border data flows – EU 95/43/EC

CISSPs, SSCPs and ISACA members can receive 1 CPE credit for attending each webinar. You can earn the credit by simply specifying your number on the registration form and correctly answering 3 multiple choice polling questions about the program at the end of the event.



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    Steve Gold, Infosecurity Magazine

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