End point security is changing - can you cope?

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The world of end point security is changing rapidly. Microsoft is re-energising its Windows Mobile operating system, whilst the range of Apple iPhone's apps is soaring, as enterprise grade software developers get to grips with the highly flexible iPhone operating system that Apple has created.

Java applications are also empowering budget cellular phones to the point where employees can now buy a mobile phone with powerful wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi and 2G/3G) computing capabilities for under 100 pounds.

Add in the myriad security issues caused by portable storage devices such as iPods (and iPodalikes) plus semi-intelligent USB sticks and it's clear that that the world of enforcing policies and rules on end point security are changing very quickly indeed.

It's against this backdrop that Infosecurity has teamed up with DeviceLock, one of the leading edge end point security specialists, to offer you a webinar that will bring you up to speed on the threats and challenges that the rapidly evolving mobile IT world engenders.

This webinar will:

  • Give attendees a thorough insight into the anatomy of mobile data leaks and how the problem can be countered.
  • Detail the solutions to these security threats.
  • Help you understand the multiple topologies involved, and how an external mobile threat can also become an internal one.
  • Offer you specific advice - via an interactive Q&A session - on the end point security issues that affect your organisation.

This webinar is for:

  • ITsec managers wanting to update themselves on the latest end point security threats - and solutions to those threats .
  • IT managers wishing to better understand the need for policy-based security technology in the end point environment.
  • Anyone wanting to apprise themselves of the latest developments in end point data leak prevention technology.


Photo of Danny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury

Contributing Writer & North America Webinar Moderator

Steve Gold

Infosecurity Magazine

Alexei Lesnykh

Business Development Manager, DeviceLock

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