How IT can provide better mobility support and security

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The concept of anytime, anywhere working is now a reality, largely thanks to the spread of mobile broadband and WiFi, together with the availability of a wide range of diverse mobile devices.

However, the flexibility of mobile working has presented some key challenges for internal IT, such as supporting a myriad of devices, operating systems and applications. Additionally, they must realistically manage employee demand for more mobile workflow and increased device capacity. This has a serious impact on the bottom line, as more resource time and effort is required than before.

Join us for this timely webinar at which a key Forrester Research analyst will reveal his thoughts on the implications for IT security that this brave new world of mobile anytime, anywhere working creates.

  • Webinar attendees can download a key Forrester report

As well as being able to download Forrester's major new report - sponsored by Sybase, the business intelligence and database management specialist - on this subject, you'll have the chance to send in questions to the Forrester analyst and author of the report, as well as Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor.

This Webinar will:

  • Help you understand the nature of the IT security problems that pervasive mobile computing engenders.
  • Explain some of the solutions available to the problems.
  • Explain how a best practice approach to mobile device security can reap dividends.
  • Realise the potential to gain significant return on investment from your mobile strategy.

This Webinar is for:

  • IT managers wanting to learn more about this hot topic
  • Any manager wanting to understand the nature of the mobile security condundrum
  • Anyone looking to further their knowledge of the important subject



Steve Gold

Infosecurity Magazine

Benjamin Gray

Analyst, Desktop And Mobile Infrastructure & Opera

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