How to Take Control of End Point Security in the BYOD Era

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The biggest challenge of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era is reconciling the need to keep your workforce equipped with the latest, most productive technologies while, at the same time, taking steps to mitigate organizational risks of data leakage – not to mention the compliance aspects nearly all organizations must consider. 

In fact, Gartner recently listed mobile technologies as the No. 2 technology priority for enterprises – yet, a recent survey by ISACA showed that more than a third of enterprise IT security managers in the US admit that their organization either has no BYOD security policy in place, or they were unsure if one existed. In short, a gaping hole still exists with respect to BYOD policy development. The question is, where do you start when developing a useful policy tailored to your organization’s needs? 

This webinar will provide advice for IT, security, and risk professionals on how to work with other departments in your organization to develop a workable BYOD strategy that ensures greater end point protection. By enlisting the input of key stakeholders across your organization, those tasked with maintaining end point security can develop policies that are in line with business objectives while also taking steps to satisfy their organization’s risk and compliance requirements. 

This webinar will: 

  • Review recent BYOD trends as they relate to enterprise security
  • Discuss how data can be leaked from employee-owned devices, and some of the strategies, policies, and technologies that can be deployed to hedge against these risks
  • Provide you with a checklist of items you can use to develop your own corporate BYOD security policy strategy


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