Hybrid Working Has Accelerated Cloud Application Adoption: What About Security?

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The rush to work from home has clearly accelerated the movement of IT workloads to the cloud. This is true across the entire spectrum of IaaS and SaaS-based applications. What better way for most organizations to improve their ‘IT-abilities’ such as reliability, availability and scalability?

However, as is often the case, security architectures are lagging behind. How do we know this? One clear tell of this lag is the growth in VPN usage at many organizations and the need to ‘trombone’ even cloud-destined traffic through the corporate VPN purely for visibility and security control purposes.

This can’t be the ultimate way forward, but the movement of security controls to the cloud is also accelerating. How can organizations make this transition without dropping the security ball?

In this webinar, a panel of security experts will discuss:

  • The security impacts of hybrid working
  • How cyber-criminals have pivoted their attacks
  • How to leverage cloud transition to improve your security abilities
  • What cloud security of the rapidly approaching future looks like


Photo of Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Former Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

Photo of Ronald Pool

Ronald Pool

Senior Solutions Engineer, CrowdStrike

Photo of Neil Thacker

Neil Thacker

EMEA and LATAM CISO, Netskope

Photo of Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mimecast

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