The Impact of #COVID19 on the Infosec Industry

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The highly-infectious coronavirus, or COVID-19, is spreading across the globe at an alarming rate, significantly impacting a vast array of sectors and verticals. The information security sector is no exception.

As countries around the world attempt to slow the spread of the virus, one of the key strategies being implemented is ‘social distancing’ – reducing the amount of social interaction between people. As part of that, huge numbers of organizations have instigated mass working from home strategies for employees, opening up a vast array of security, operational and incident management risks as enterprises attempt to successfully shift to this unprecedented scale of remote working.

At the same time, droves of tailored COVID-19 scams and cyber-attacks have sought to take advantage of the uncertainty and fear of the current situation, with cyber-criminals launching unprecedented levels of coronavirus-related phishing and malware attacks.

In response, the information security industry has had to move quickly and innovatively to help support organizations and employees as this difficult time.

In this webinar, Infosecurity Magazine will be joined by a panel of security experts to discuss the various impacts that COVID-19 is having on the information security industry, asses the greatest risks currently threatening the security of data and reflect on what the sector must do to address the challenges being faced.


Photo of Lisa Forte

Lisa Forte

Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security

Photo of Kowsik Guruswamy

Kowsik Guruswamy

Chief Technology Officer, Menlo Security

Photo of Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Former Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

Photo of Raef  Meeuwisse

Raef Meeuwisse

CISM, CISA, Author of Cybersecurity for Beginners

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