Pharma Drama: Interactive Crisis Simulation of an Insider Threat

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Pharma is vulnerable. The sector, which bridges the healthcare–business divide and deals extensively with data and intellectual property (IP), is a tantalizing prospect for malicious actors. It is now one of the most targeted sectors, according to Deloitte, with over a fifth of companies suffering at least seven attacks.

Perhaps the greatest threat facing the pharma industry, however, lies inside its own walls. That’s because insider threats can hamper a pharma company’s ability to remain competitive, thus posing a risk to potential patients.

Alongside a discussion between industry experts, this webinar will include an interactive section, throwing attendees into an emerging insider threat simulation taking place at a fictional pharmaceutical company. In this scenario, participants must use their decision-making skills to find the insider threat, manage the growing crisis and prevent the loss of potentially billions of dollars.

Join us for this webinar to:

  •  See the impact of the human element in crisis management and response
  • Gain a greater understanding of how decisions in a threat scenario have a business-wide impact
  • Discover how to strengthen your organization on both sides of “the boom,” so it’s as ready before the impact as it is after it


Photo of Kev Breen

Kev Breen

Director of Cyber Threat Research, Immersive Labs

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James Coker

Deputy Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

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Alan Jenkins

Principal Consultant, thecybrsecnav, CISO-in-Residence, CyLon Labs & ClubCISO Member, CyLon

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Chris Pace

Technology Advocate, Immersive Labs

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