Protecting sensitive data in the cloud: New approaches to mitigate database security risk

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The rapid adoption of cloud technologies, driven by the huge advantages they offer businesses in terms of productivity, efficiency and cost savings, is throwing up evermore complex security headaches for information security practitioners tasked with protecting an organisation’s sensitive data. As data moves to the cloud, databases are increasingly vulnerable to breaches, and as a result enterprises need to ensure that they apply rigorous strategies and controls to protect their information assets. 

During this webinar, the speakers will discuss how to classify and discover data, manage the risks associated with migrating data to the cloud and identify effective tools and techniques to detect and respond to data breaches.

• Understand the factors to consider when migrating data to the cloud and the shared responsibilities of the cloud provider and the database owner
• Evaluate the security and compliance requirements for protecting sensitive information in databases in the cloud
• Assess various approaches to monitoring the security of databases in the cloud 
• Identify key steps to detect and prevent database breaches in the cloud


Photo of Derek Brink

Derek Brink

Vice President, Research Fellow, Aberdeen Group

Photo of Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis

Consulting COO & CIO

Photo of David Maman

David Maman

Chief Technology Officer, GreenSQL Ltd

Photo of Victoria Windsor

Victoria Windsor

Moderator, Infosecurity Magazine

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