Protecting your brand image in the Web 2.0 jungle

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Web 2.0 services, including wikis, social networking portals and blogs, are powerful drivers in the B2B and B2C communications channel - for many companies, they open up new doors as never before.

But these same Web 2.0 services also create more than a few branding and security headaches. not least in reputational terms.

It only takes one slip to trigger a viral crusade against your organisation that can significantly dent your company's reputation.

Many companies - mindful of this issue - have forbidden the use of social networking and other Web 2.0 services by their employees, but doing so means they miss out on the plentiful benefits that such services bring to the business table.

Join us for an entertaining and thought-provoking webinar in which a team of senior professionals look at the brand image and reputation issues that Web 2.0 services engender, and explain some of the solutions that are now available.

This webinar will:

  • Help you understand the viral power that drives Web 2.0 services.
  • Explain some of the problems these services create.
  • Detail the solutions to the reputational issues caused.
  • Educate you to take a fresh look at reputational security controls.

This webinar is for:  

  • IT managers who are forward-thinking in their approach to Web 2.0 control issues
  • Managers wanting to better understand the solutions to reputational threats from Web 2.0 services
  • Anyone wanting to gain an edge in Web 2.0 control issues



Steve Gold

Infosecurity Magazine

Julian Jago

Technical, Pre-Sales & Compliance Manager, 2e2

Phil Turtle

MD, Turtle Consulting Group

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