Securely defending your organisation's endpoints and reputation

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Swingeing new penalties for failures to protect corporate data are coming soon, courtesy of the Information Commissioner's Office, with the result that many organisations are looking to tighten up on their IT security.

But implementing effective IT security has become an onerous task, not least because of the multi-vectored nature of hacker and malware attacks - and that is before we even begin to talk about phishing and next-generational attack methodologies.

If you fail to defend your IT assets securely, you can be sure that your organisation will hit the headlines, as well as be on the receiving end of a hefty fine - and then there's the legal and reputational damage to deal with.

Join us for an educational and informative webinar in which our team of presenters will be looking at the problems - and solutions - as they relate to effective end point security.

This webinar will:

  • Help you understand how to better defend your IT assets
  • Explain why security is no longer the exclusive domain of the IT department
  • Assist you in avoiding the headache of an ICO investigation
  • Educate you on the reputational risks of ineffective endpoint security

This webinar is for:

  • IT managers wanting to better understand the latest ITsec threats
  • IT professionals looking to enhance their knowledge about next-generation security attacks - and how to defend against them
  • Managers seeking to better understand the latest IT security solutions without getting overwhelmed with technology.


CISSPs, SSCPs and ISACA members can receive 1 CPE credit for attending each webinar. You can earn the credit by simply specifying your number on the registration form and correctly answering 3 multiple choice polling questions about the program at the end of the event.


Steve Gold

Infosecurity Magazine

Peter Member

Partner/Chief of Operations, First Base Technologi

Marc Samarawira

Account Director, Check Point Software Technologies

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