Take Back Network Control: Taming the Rogue Device Threat

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How do you know what devices are accessing your network?
How do you detect a rogue device?
What can you do to prevent a threat in your network and minimize the risk?

With workforce mobility, bring your own device (BYOD) into the workplace, and guest access into your network, enterprises are realizing how important it is to track and monitor who and what is accessing the network. We’ve recently seen examples of how rogue devices have caused significant damage through gaining access to corporate infrastructure through network vulnerabilities. And, it’s alarming how easy it is for this to happen. A rogue or unknown device connects onto what you thought was a protected network, gains access and proceeds to cause often irrevocable damage which can result in millions of dollars to your business. Can you afford for this to happen? Attend this webinar, which focuses on how to manage this threat, reviewing the potential risks, and how technology can be applied to proactively eliminate the issue.

The panelists will look at how Network Access Control (NAC) or Endpoint Visibility, Access, and Security (EVAS) is being implemented by enterprises worldwide to address network security while continuing to support current infrastructure and the expanding mobile workforce.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to gain complete network visibility and control of all network devices from a cost effective, centralized deployment
  • How to manage endpoints and deal with BYOD, Rouge Devices, and Corporate Mobile devices
  • Achieving interoperability with third party security systems, such as patch management, endpoint compliance and SIEMs, to automate security control platform that uses contextual security decisions to make endpoint control actions.
  • Gaining control over BYOD, wireless systems, and unwanted applications and have the ability to black and/or white list these devices and/or applications


Fran Howarth

Snr Analyst, Security, Bloor Research

    Hanan Levin

    VP, Product Management, ForeScout

      Stephen Pritchard

      Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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