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Access assurance may be a complex area, but Stuart Hodkinson, UK general manager with Courion Corporation - along with Fran Howarth, a principal analyst with Quocirca - has more than a few answers in this educational and informative webinar.

The event - which also allows attendees to download a free white paper on the subject at hand - reveals that access assurance may be complex but, if broken down into specific areas, it can be tackled in all organisations.

In the webinar, you'll hear how a define-apply-validate approach is often the key to the success of access assurance, and companies also need to confirm and validate users on the systems in order to develop an effective service.

Some IAM projects are too lage to be effective, and this is where breaking down the project into its constituent parts can often pay dividends.

"You need to create a road map - select a solution, rather than a product, and it can often pay to fix price the solution," says Hodkinson.

"If you then prioritise the activities, you can succeed in deploying an optimal solution," he adds.

Join us for this entertaining and informative webinar in which we will:

  • Explain how access governance and compliance play a central role to an organisation's IT security
  • Look at how it is possible to stay within budget and still maximise your access assurance resources
  • Help you understand how access assurance can be central to your IT security systems and help prevent data leaks and losses.

This webinar is for:

  • IT security managers looking to further their knowledge of access assurance
  • IT professionals wanting to know more about how to stop data leaks and losses
  • Anyone wanting to bring themselves up to speed on the latest access governance and compliance.


Steve Gold

Infosecurity Magazine

Stuart Hodkinson

General Manager, UK Operations, Courion Corp.

Photo of Fran Howarth

Fran Howarth

Snr Analyst, Security, Bloor Research

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