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How to Prepare for the Worst DDoS with the Best Defense

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DDoS attacks have massively increased in volume in the past few years, where gigabytes per second is becoming the norm. This level of attack requires not only decent levels of protection, but also preparation to be sure that when the attack hits and persists, you’re in a decent position to defend and survive.

In this webinar we will look at the best practice advice to defend against such a volumetric attack, offer best practice advice on preparation steps and ask how the state of DDoS attacks got so out of control.

Key takeaways:

  • Advice on the best combination of services and technology to ensure that your DDoS defense is optimum
  • How to test your DDoS defenses efficiently
  • The steps to take when a DDoS strikes
  • What enabled DDoS attacks to take websites and DNS providers completely offline


Tom Bienkowski

Director of Product Marketing, Arbor Networks

    Sam Bowne

    Instructor at CCSF

    Eoin Keary

    Founder of edgescan

    Dan  Raywood

    Contributing Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

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