Breakfast Briefing: Securing the Everywhere Workplace

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Securing the everywhere workplace has never been more important – or pressing. To make matters worse, threats of all types have grown in sophistication – often targeting remote work-generated vulnerabilities – and are taking place at an alarming rate. Phishing attempts, for example, are up 85% year-over-year (with 74% of organizations falling victim), and 59% of organizations have reported being victimized by ransomware in 2021. Factor in a global shortage of security experts, combined with tight budgets everywhere, and now the simple act of organizing and prioritizing vulnerabilities consumes the lion’s share of security and IT time – as much as 53%.  
In this environment, security leaders must have a comprehensive, scalable, and framework-aligned cybersecurity strategy designed for the everywhere-workplace. Also, it must span the full spectrum of risk and security management — from users and their devices to networks, applications and data. 

This mandate is not without significant challenges. In this private breakfast briefing, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded security leaders to exchange ideas and share knowledge about addressing those challenges. 
The keynote will cover the building blocks of a scalable security strategy, with a discussion of best practices for implementation and ongoing management: 

  • Ensuring visibility into your entire IT estate. 
  • Consolidating device management to a single platform. 
  • Establishing device hygiene with up-to-the-minute insights about your endpoints and automatic remediation of vulnerabilities. 
  • Moving to passwordless authentication. 
  • Reducing your attack surface using a zero trust network access approach. 

We’ll continue with an open Q&A of: 

  • The challenges with recruiting security and IT professionals. 
  • Pressure on employers to provide an optimal employee experience – and how that squares with necessary security measures. 
  • Opportunities for automation to shoulder some of the burden of repetitive tasks. 
  • How best to prioritize remediation efforts to direct limited resources where they are most needed. 

 This event will take place at the prestigious Excel, London, during this year’s Infosecurity Europe conference, you will need to be registered to attend Infosecurity Europe to access the event. 

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