Simon Clark

Director, FortNet UK

Simon has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. Introducing ethernet to the market in the eighties, switching in the nineties and solid-state firewalls in 2000.

Since then, as the cyber landscape has rapidly evolved, Simon has been protecting his customers from emerging attacks both inside and outside the network. Increasingly the focus has moved towards cloud and SaaS-based tools to offer faster, better levels of security that can be managed more simply and cost-effectively. Simon has worked for both blue chip and start-ups over the years, including Cisco and Brocade. During that time, Simon has developed a unique understanding of the ever-evolving cyber technologies and where they fit within enterprise company’s security strategies.

Co-founding FortNet was a natural progression to doing what he loves and offering independent advice to his customers. Simon bridges the gap between the customer’s core business and the confusing array of security solutions that need to be implemented.

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