Infosecurity Europe Stand Number: A100

For over three decades Enforcive has been providing security solutions to help businesses reduce workloads, satisfy auditors and improve responsiveness to security breaches. Over 700 organizations worldwide are using Enforcive's best of breed solutions to address the following challenges:

 Ensuring role based access to critical information~:

  • Providing an audit trail for transactions across multiple servers and databases
  • Relieving production servers from cumbersome audit data while maintaining such information online for audit review
  • Providing proof that controls mandated by regulations are in place

Enforcive products cover:

  1. Cross Platform Audit – Log Management for open platforms and databases, IBM i, IBM Mainframe, etc
  2. Cross Platform Compliance – Monitors organizational security configurations for compliance with its policies and remediates deviations
  3. Password auto reset for IBM i, Windows Active Directory, Linux and AIX
  4. IBM i (AS400) Security – Providing access management, security monitoring, compliance management and field encryption
  5. IBM Mainframe security – Access management and security monitoring  for z/OS-CICS across multiple databases

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