"User on the Move": The Challenges of Securing the Borderless Boundaries of Your Evolving Mobile Workforce

A new paradigm in data security has surfaced. The ‘User on the move’ has given rise to the anytime, anywhere, any place generation of IT workers, challenging our traditional notions of security.

Compounding our understanding of data-centric security, this shift from the traditional three facets of ‘data at rest’, ‘data on the move’ and ‘data in use’ has disrupted our normal network boundaries and forced us to ask how we will get to the mobile workforce of 2018 and beyond.

In this webinar we will explore the future trends surrounding the proliferation of mobile devices and their security, ensuring people can do their jobs wherever they are while keeping your data safe.

Key takeaways:

  • Accessibility vs. security: The key challenges around securing a remote workforce without shackling the user
  • How data centric security has been fundamentally altered by the principal of ‘user on the move’
  • Understand that the traditional boundary of the network has to evolve to be more porous yet remain a feasible line of defence
  • Understand how the mobile security industry is evolving and how that will affect your workforce


Chris Payne

Managing Director, Advanced Cyber Solutions

    Dominic Trott

    Research Manager, European Security Practice at IDC

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