Breakfast Briefing: Best Practices of Modern API Architecture

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20 September 2018 - 09:00 - 12:00 BST - The Grange St. Paul's Hotel, London UK

In partnership with Infosecurity Magazine, Forum Systems is hosting an important breakfast briefing looking at how your API strategy can reduce complexity, simplify IAM, and provide advanced predictions using AI and ML.

APIs are the central point of modern communication and APIs are involved in almost every interaction with a digital device or service.  A sound API strategy is essential for IT modernization and enables the benefits of a less complex architecture and combining and consolidating technologies. 

With Identity Access Management (IAM) essential to an enterprise strategy, the logical evolution of IAM is to include IAM with APIs.    During this conference we will look at how to achieve a simpler and more secure approach to API and IAM.  

In addition, we will discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning represent the next frontier of cybersecurity strategy and business analytics.    For those interested in joining us in the afternoon, we will conduct a workshop showcasing how APIs work in conjunction with AI and ML to provide anomaly predictions as well as other areas of advanced predictive analytics for business insights.

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0830 – 0900

Reception and breakfast.

0900 -0915

Welcome and introductions

0915 - 0945

Evolving challenges for modern enterprise architectures in the age of APIs

APIs are a transformative technology changing the landscape of computing.  IT modernization and the need to adopt cloud and mobile strategies have forged a path for enterprises to adopt API architectures.  However, not all API strategies are the same.   Opening up communication borders also elevates risk to cyber-attack.   Considering sound architecture design around principles of API security allow the realization of an API strategy while at the same time reducing the risks of API threats.    

0945 - 1015

Simplify Your Architecture by Combining API and IAM

Discuss how combining API and IAM can reduce complexity and simplify architecture.  Our speaker will showcase how using API Security Gateway technology provides more agility for cloud and mobile readiness, and reduces the cyber-attack surface of your network. 

1015 - 1030

Coffee Break

1030 - 1100

Converging systems and how to move to an API model  (UK Biometrics Office - Live Deployment Case Study )

In this session, our speakers will discuss what insight the Office of UK Biometrics gained and what things to consider when converting to an API model, such as large consumer base, big complex messages, and others; such as integrity, non-repudiation, confidentiality, reputation, and trust models in the UK Government

1100 – 1130

Challenges Implementing Modern API/IAM Architecture (Retail/Manufacturing industry Live Deployment Case Study)

In the age of GDPR regulations, retail and manufacturing businesses struggle with adapting agile cost efficient cloud and mobile architectures whilst still ensuring compliance. Our speaker will present their journey implement a secure API architecture.

1130 - 1200

 Q&A followed by Lunch

In addition to the breakfast briefing event there is an optional afternoon workshop on:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

According to Professor Andrew Ng, “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity.” Much like electricity changed society, artificial intelligence has had a profound impact on the way we live.

In the afternoon workshop session, Forum Systems will introduce fundamentals of AI and ?Machine ?Learning along with its application to APIs. The workshop will include:

  • Basics of machine learning: from logistic regression to neural networks.
  • Building a neural network: a walk-through.
  • Using machine learning with your APIs: profiling performance and security.

Check the box on the registration form to join this additional opportunity. 

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