Beware of MySpace JPG File Downloader - GTALK Messenger Infection

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The malware infection attack surface is increasing day by day. Recently, some of the infected machines with different malware classes such as file downloader are using GTALK for downloading JPG based files from the internet.

Actually this file is not a JPG file but a zipped file that contains an executable or com file. The infection process has been noticed in victim machines which are facing system errors related to generic host process. This service host process is killed by an infection agent in the system. Very quickly, the infection starts rising. If a victim is using GTALK , he starts receiving rogue messages to download files from the internet. This is an alias to drive-by download technique used by attackers to load content into victim machines from different domains.

The snapshot is provided as

This is a caution not to visit this link or extract the files in your system. Protection is within your control. Apply it.

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