Cybersecurity Certification Training: Uncovering the Truth

If you’re going for CISSP, SSCP, CCSP or another elite (ISC)2 certification, the instructor-led training route is a proven way to prepare. (ISC)² certifications are highly regarded in the cybersecurity industry, and countless training companies offer exam prep for them. With so many options, it can be unnecessarily difficult to make the right choice.

Often, we think the more choices we have the better, but too many cybersecurity certification training options have created confusion and led to false claims that border on unethical as companies compete for your business. When it comes to assertions trainer providers make about their courses for (ISC)² certifications, there’s more fiction than fact out there.

Before placing your trust in a cybersecurity training provider, know the facts. Some of the most common – and most insidious – myths surround everything from (ISC)2 endorsement to pass-rate guarantees and exam content.

Despite what you may have heard or read, consider the following:

(ISC)² does NOT endorse all (ISC)² certification trainings: Not every training company that sells (ISC)² certification exam prep is affiliated with (ISC)². When enlisting a training provider, it pays to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

In addition to offering direct training, (ISC)2 partners with leading training providers around the world to make sure candidates have convenient access to official training. All instructors are verified security experts, authorized by (ISC)2 to deliver the most relevant, up-to-date course content, developed by (ISC)2. To verify a training provider’s status, look for the Official Training Provider or International Academic Program logos.

There are no exam pass-rate guarantees - be wary of marketing ploys like ‘90+% pass rates’: No training provider knows exactly which items and real-world scenarios will appear on an (ISC)2 certification exam, so there’s no way to guarantee a pass rate. (ISC)2 certification exams are rigorous and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing cyber-world.

The notion that a company will prepare you for the exact items on the exam is impossible, and (ISC)² does not provide pass-rate information to any training providers.

Unless you pursue (ISC)2 Official Training, you may not learn the latest content: As trends in cybersecurity evolve, the (ISC)2 certification Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®) and courseware change accordingly. These changes are reflected in the training materials developed and maintained by (ISC)2 and offered only through authorized channels. It’s not guaranteed unofficial training providers are teaching the latest domains that will be covered on the exam.

In fact, candidates who have used unauthorized training providers often report that they were taught outdated, irrelevant content. The best way to protect your investment? Go through official channels for (ISC)2 certification exam prep.

Advantages of (ISC)2 Official Training

Authorized instruction: Only (ISC)² Authorized Instructors can teach official courses, and to even qualify, they must hold the certification they are teaching, have at least 10 years of industry experience and complete a comprehensive onboarding process.

Relevant content: (ISC)² instructors don’t just teach to the test. They have the knowledge, experience and insights to make content highly relatable, building candidates; knowledge and proficiency.

Up-to-date curriculum: Candidates learn about current topic areas aligned with the latest exam outline. Covering all domains of knowledge, content is constantly refreshed to reflect a dynamic, evolving profession.

Hands-on application: Labs and practical exercises help reinforce understanding of new threats, technologies, regulations and best practices.

Official (ISC)² study tools: Candidates receive the (ISC)2 student handbook, flash cards, practice assessments and other resources to gauge exam readiness and quickly identify areas for further study.

Whichever Official Training Provider you choose, (ISC)2 can guide you throughout your certification journey and beyond. To commemorate its 30th anniversary, the organization is offering 30% off Instructor-Led Training until Aug 31 2019.

If you’re ready to get started, now is an excellent time to set yourself up for success – for less.

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