Dedicated Spamming - NING House of Hackers Network

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The internet world has become a playground for spammers. Every day there is a new attack pattern. You will find one or another social networking website facing this problem. The reason for this trend is the centralised working of these websites. The interconnection among identities have helped the spammers to trigger attacks in a more diversified manner.

Even the hackers social netwokring websites are prone to this. The latest example is the house of hackers on ning network. The spammer used a fake identity with the name of Miss Jane and posted a 'discover love' message. On the generic benchmarks, it looked like spam. You can have a look at the profile yourself:

Users has to be smart enough to judge the pattern so as to not fall into the trap. This is possible only if one can anlyzs the parameters effectively. The specific points that have been analysed are mentioned below:

  • The spamming is done on a number of interconnected profiles with the same content.
  • The time interval used in posting the messages is 3-5 seconds, which gives an indication of some rogue activity taking place in the background.
  • The identity itself looks ambiguous.
  • The spammer uses the logic of dedicated spamming after blacklisting certain identities on the network.

To combat these attacks, one needs to be sure about what to click on - and what not to click on.

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