Flashbacks and Backtracks

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If you follow my Mac Virus blog, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been tracking some of the coverage of Mac malware incidents to hit my radar in the last couple of weeks. In fact, hits on Mac Virus have been skyrocketing in the past 24 hours, so perhaps this a good time to recap on a couple of those incidents.

Loads of data has been shared by AlienVault Labs relating to targeted attacks exploiting CVE-2011-3544 (see Mac & Windows Targeted Attacks: East of Java) and MS09-027 (see More from AlienVault Labs… and The (OS)X-Files).
Then there were a couple of items on enhancing iOS security: A flak jacket for iOS and Talking of iOS Security…

But the items that have been getting all the hits have related to Apple’s belated Java update(s) and the very significant Flashback botnet. I feel guilty about not having had time to comment on all that here, and as I’m about to go off on my travels I can’t do so now. But I have been accumulating relevant links and sinking the occasional barb to ensure that I’ll never be invited to Apple’s Xmas party:

I'm pretty sure there'll be lots more to say by the time I'm back on the grid...

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