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I am thrilled to join the Infosecurity team at such a fascinating time in the world of cybersecurity. What comes as a surprise to many is that my background is not rooted in IT. Unusually, I have spent most of my adult life within the world of academia studying philosophy and writing about thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre. Outside of this bubble, I have edited numerous magazines and have written for various news outlets. My passage into the cybersecurity world, then, was a little offbeat since it was through studying artificial intelligence (AI), especially the ethics of AI, that I learned about cybersecurity, even though I always had an active interest in the topic. However, I plunged fully into this sector while working at a cybersecurity vendor in 2020 that leverages artificial intelligence. It was through this avenue that I became wholly familiar with the broader topic of cybersecurity.

Why Cybersecurity?

But what is it about cybersecurity that piques my interest? What is incredibly inspiring about cybersecurity is its ever-expanding scope. It offers immense growth potential, particularly opportunities to learn. Additionally, there is such a volume of variety. There are such myriad technologies available and ever-evolving challenges that security professions face. Perhaps what is most crucial is that cybersecurity impacts peoples’ lives. From cyber-attacks on water-treatment facilities to hospitals, peoples’ lives are impacted because cybersecurity increasingly goes beyond the online world and into the real one. Being involved in this industry makes you feel that you have a tangible impact on the lives of others. 

Why Infosecurity Magazine?

I was attracted to the Infosecurity role since I have been familiar with Infosecurity Europe for many years and have known the magazine for a long time, and have seen it grow from strength to strength. It occupies a scarce space – being at the cutting edge of commentary and analysis and having a significant impact in the cybersecurity industry. The chance to work with Eleanor Dallaway – Editorial Director of Infosecurity Magazine – and reporter James Coker, and the rest of the distinguished team, stood as an opportunity I couldn't turn down. As for the role itself, I savoured the chance to further develop my industry knowledge, network, and profile within the information security industry and play an essential role in editing and publishing articles on our website and print magazine. 

Why I'm Excited

As I advance in the role, I am incredibly excited to see what role artificial intelligence will play in cybersecurity, especially intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS). As many in the industry already know, an IDPS can prevent untold damage to an IT system and beyond, because it can identify and extrude an attacker before any damage occurs. There is a genuine fear that AI will be a standard tool wielded by cyber-attackers in the future. It will be fascinating to see what increasing role AI will have in safeguarding the organizations that significantly impact our daily lives and how legacy tools will have to adapt to new, pioneering technology. 

I am eager to get more involved with readers of the magazine and get your thoughts about anything I’ve mentioned in this blog. Please comment below and, of course, be sure to follow us on social media. 

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