Language is a Virus (Editorial from Q1 issue)

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This year we are scaling back on the quantity of issues produced (the magazine will now be published quarterly) in order to allow the editorial team to increase the output of online content. 

Not only will we be producing more daily news stories, but we will be publishing features, interviews and news analysis exclusive to the website. In addition to the recognition that our audience spend more time online than the average person – and indeed, like to access their news in this way – we also understand the importance of rapidity when communicating news to the industry. While the black and white hats compete in a battle of intelligence, technology and speed, news outlets must also try to keep up: equipping our readers and online community with the insight and knowledge they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

The popularity of our print (and digital) magazine, however, simply will not allow us to go online only. The magazine will continue to be published with the same focus on strategy, insight and technology. While the website will service your need for industry news as it happens, the magazine will be committed to analyzing the more important developments and headlines from the industry, profiling the most iconic industry professionals, and investigating the issues, technologies and advances that are affecting information security professionals.

I am also elated to share some very exciting news. In January, we launched an information security project in partnership with The Guardian. The information security hub, live on The Guardian  website ( is populated with a selection of our news stories and features.

In the words of Matthew Race, head of commercial media and technology at The Guardian: “By combining Infosecurity's expertise in this field with The Guardian's respected journalism and huge audience of business leaders, we aim to raise awareness of information security as a business-critical issue.”

I speak on behalf of myself and the entire team when I say how honored we are that The Guardian have chosen to work with us in this partnership, and how thrilled we are to have the opportunity to educate a wider, more diverse audience about the importance of information security.

Nestled within the first issue of the year, you’ll find the first in a series of articles written for your CEO. My idea to introduce this new feature was inspired by the many conversations I had last year with CISOs who told me of a very serious communication gap that still exists between security and the rest of the business.

It’s often true that CEOs are the gatekeepers of the information security budget and hold the key to technology spending. If they do not have the correct visibility – or indeed understanding – of the concerns, issues and solutions, that budget could end up either slashed or misspent.

As the information security industry works to bridge the gap between security and the business, and ensure that information security professionals attain the all-important communication skills essential in their roles, it is our hope that these articles can aid the education and understanding of those who need it the most.

These articles will be written using the vocabulary and perspective that will resonate with CEOs and board-level executives, so bookmark the page and ensure your CEO has the opportunity to educate him/herself in a language that makes sense to them.


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