Making the Management of Security Compliance Easier!

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As you all know, I have two main pet themes: Risk Management and Compliance Management as I see very often that there is room for improvement when it comes to such processes within our customers. Internally, we often think about how we can make it easier for our customers to manage compliance in their networks.

So, basically it is about helping you to plan, deploy, operate, and manage the baselines in your environment. As you might know, we provide free tools, which we call Solution Accelerators  (if you did not know, shame on us), we provide a Security Compliance Manager in this programme as well and have the new version just in Beta now.

Basically the new Security Compliance Manager Solution Accelerator helps you to provides you a few pretty exciting features:

  • Centralized management and baseline portfolio
  • You can customize the security baselines
  • You can compare them and export them (e.g. to GPOs)
  • You can verify and monitor them

As a picture shows more than a thousand words, here are a few (cool!!) screenshots of the tool:

Check for Baselines

Compare Baselines


Customize the Baseline

Export it (to enforce it through GPOs)



 Merge different Baselines

So, if you are as excited as I am, you should join the Beta programme, which is now open. That’s the way to give feedback and influence it! Therefore my “call to action” for you is:

The beta will run through March 2010. That means now is the time to join the beta programme, take an early look at this tool, and provide the Security Solution Accelerators team with your feedback.

Want the facts straight from the development team? Check out this series of short videos! Better yet, post your own video response sharing your favorite feature.

Want more information on a specific feature? Interested in speaking with the development team? Please contact Michelle Arney.

Have a lot of fun!!


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