Survival of the Fittest: Take Security to the Edge

Adaptation is often the key to success. Deploying security at the edge allows you to keep pace in this complex and constantly changing digital ecosystem.

You can no longer secure the perimeter and trust that nothing will get in or out. The edge enables you to defend your business, your customers and all of your users from security threats.

With security at the edge you can:

Protect without compromise: the edge allows you to protect your assets closer to the attack itself and optimize customer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere.

Stop attacks before they reach your data centers or applications: the best approach to securing a dissolving perimeter is following a defense-in-depth approach that extends from applications and infrastructure all the way to users.

Defend against massive scale attacks: history has taught us that we need help handling the sheer size and volume of modern attacks. With an edge approach, you can respond to all spikes in traffic and discern the malicious from the legitimate.

Manage a growing attack surface: as the perimeter dissolves, the attack surface expands. Security at the edge adapts to this new normal, meeting threats closer to the source and knocking them down before they penetrate critical assets.

Protect your users on a global scale: edge security supports business opportunities, wherever they may arise – across data centers, the public cloud or multi-cloud environments, anywhere in the world.

Mitigate future risk: while you can’t anticipate what may happen in the future, you can prepare to respond to future threats. Now you can deploy new solutions as they become available. You’ll also gain the flexibility you need so your security posture can better scale with your growing business.

Make your IT and Security team more of a business enabler rather than a cost center: it’s a chance to change roles, step out from outdated functions and start anew – with more innovation and collaboration than ever.

The digital ecosystem is changing, but it isn’t hard to stay current. Bringing your security to the edge ensures your organization will be adaptive and more protected than ever.

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