The Africa Cable – A Chance for Africa! – A Threat for the Internet?

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The development in Africa especially with the new broadband services to me is a huge chance for the whole continent.

I just found a map (Image 1) on the next two years.

Even though I have not been in Africa over the last few months, I heard that in different cities fiber is brought directly to the household, which brings technology and opportunities I would love to see here in Western Europe, where we still have to rely on copper. So, if the governments in Africa are serious with this, I think this is an outstanding growth opportunities for those markets.

On the other hand, when I talk to customers and governments in Western Europe, there is a lot of dis-trust as well. Can we trust the governments? How much malware will be spread coming from this continent? Actually, the kick for this post was the following article just outlining this: Africa - home of the world’s largest cyber pandemic – which makes me think.

If I look at our Security Intelligence Report (Image 2) back in April (the new one will be coming soon) and look at the malware infection rate we see, it is not worse nor better than any other region:

However, the data we have available from Africa might not be as broad as in other regions.

Another thing came to my mind. I was in Kenya two years ago on a business trip and I learned one thing – the idea of shipping outdated PCs to Africa to help people there does not work as it requires them to run old and outdated software which makes them open for attacks. Simple, isn’t it?

Looking at my figures, it is a problem but not smaller or bigger than any other region on this globe. Additionally, one of the reasons, why our teams work so hard to get Microsoft Security Essentials out of the door for all countries is just to reduce this threat. Make a professional Anti-Malware solution available to people who cannot afford one free of charge.

Rather than being threatened, let’s welcome this continent on the “broadband Internet” and help them now to learn from our challenges and failures in the past.


Image 1: source: IntelFusion


Image 2:

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