Apiiro invented a code risk platform to remediate critical risks from cloud to code and secure all cloud-native application components in a single platform. Once connected to a source control manager, Apiiro will identify all application components such as APIs, IaC components, security controls and sensitive data and the attack surface. It will then perform continuous risk assessments and detect critical risks using context-based risk graph. With automatic prioritization and remediation, Apiiro enables organizations to shift left to Devs/DevOps with context at commit and CI/CD.

With Apiiro CISOs can break down barriers between security and developers in order to reduce critical risks faster. It allows CIOs to release secure code faster with risk-based context and automation. AppSec leaders can get the visibility and context they need to prioritize noisy alerts and make smarter, risk-based decisions effectively and contextually. The platform enables developers to get the context required to remediate critical risks and stay focused on delivering customer value.

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