NATEK is a market leader in the Security Management Solutions sector. The innovative approach to solve major challenges within IT Security Management has been the key enabler for this success.  New methods of deploying a NAC solution and creating unique designs to achieve scalability  is just one example of NATEK’s approach to Security Management. 

Our customer base is highly diversified. Government, military, defense companies, financial organizations and municipalities are some of our clients 

  • Network Access Control
  • Network & Systems Management
  • Security Incident & Event Management
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Service Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Privilege Delegation Management

Increasing the quality and security of IT infrastructures has become a major challenge for organizations. Complexity and integration difficulties of required management products result quite often in experienced failures. Our leading products offer an unique solution set for our customers to overcome this challenge.

Presently NATEK Security & Management Products dominate 90% of the government market and more than 50% of  the Turkish market.

The largest Telecommunication Company of Turkey ’Turkish Telecom’’,  Anadolu Insurance Group and Hacettepe University with 50.000+ students are among our clients. Currently our products are deployed in networks with more than 250 server and 50.000 end points.

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