NCP Secure Communications

The world leader in remote access VPN solutions

In most IT departments, remote access to central data bases and company resources is a hot topic. The market offers a huge variety of remote access solutions, with each solution reflecting the strategical orientation of its producer.

NCP designs and developes its software products for remote access based on standards and remains flexible for customer requirements to ensure the usability of the solution, its compatibility and the profitability of all remote access components in a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Our passion is to develop universally applicable software components that allow for highly secure integration of tele-work places into a central data network. Numerous successful projects, awards and case studies underpin our expertise in remote access.

NCP's "Next Generation Network Access Technology" provides you with a one-stop solution:

  • A unique product portfolio for professional work in a holistic VPN 
  • Top-notch technology in all VPN client and server components
  • A unique central Remote Access Management
  • A dynamic security management is the basis for end-to-end security that provides you with sustainable protection from industrial espionage

NCP offers more than elaborate products and solutions. On top of that we provide you with all services you need for impeccable operation of your VPN: Update service, hotline support, training, workshops and technical support at your office.

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